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Tahrir Square Democracy

Egypt was home to an ancient civilizations that flourished along the banks of river Nile with the remains of the great Pyramids offering a glimpse into its magnitude and highlighting how Pharaohs were larger than life figures in that society. It is indeed fascinating to rationalize the massive resources and man power spent constructing burial … Continue reading

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Dictatorship falsely repackaged as Pan-Africanism

   “If a man cares not for his roots, how then can he care for his branches?”  –Doyle M. Davis Pan-Africanism is a philosophy or movement with a plethora of definitions but the underlying goal has always been succinct–uniting people of African heritage.  The outcome of unification is empowerment and freedom from dependence. It was a … Continue reading

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The Bridge Index: Why people celebrate when Africa’s revolutionary leaders die.

  “No man is good enough to govern another man without that other’s consent”                                                       Abraham Lincoln Every once in a while on the continent of Africa, a great leader emerges and sweeps our hearts and minds. The revolutionary who offers a vision to empower, include and transform misery into prosperity. A leader who captivates the … Continue reading

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Civilians massacred while the world continues to watch; is it time for a UN Army?

It is despicable that thousands of people continue to be massacred in Libya but there is no urgency from the international community and regional organizations to intervene. The ghost of ‘strategic interests’ is back to haunt us in yet another conflict. In this new world order, we have to rely on the mercy of super-powers to prevent … Continue reading