African Immigrants to the Rescue?

by Nelima This is a rare immigration story.  As the economy worsens, immigrants are increasingly seen as a burden and competition for welfare resources, but this story in Newsweek gave a much needed fresh angle of the impact of immigrants on the American economy. Here are some excerpts, but make sure you read the full article. … Continue reading

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Elusive employment opportunities for foreign-trained African Immigrants

by Nelima  The Star Tribune had a  ‘Mega Career Expo’ at the Minneapolis Convention Center yesterday. There where three pavilions, a health care pavilion, a general/professional pavilion and an engineering pavilion.  There were a ton of young job hunters and only FOUR booths in the general/professional area. Verizon Wireless was looking for customer reps, a … Continue reading


Brian Coyle Community Center food shelves lay bare.

In today’s Minnesota Daily there’s an article talking about the diminishing stock of food at the Brian Coyle Center’s metal food shelves. The only thing that’s worse than the dwindling food and money contributions is the increasing demand. Since July, when Becky Burand took over responsibility for the Brian Coyle food shelf, she’s seen monthly increases in … Continue reading