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The Kenya Communications (Amendment) Bill, 2008: Media Is To Blame Too.

by Capt. (Rtd) COLLINS WANDERI On 10th December, 2008, Parliament dealt a blow to the freedom of press and expression in Kenya by passing The Communications (Amendment) Bill, 2008. MPs were mainly driven by vengeance over the media’s sustained coverage of the taxation of their hefty salaries and allowances. But is the media fraternity entirely … Continue reading

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Jamhuri Day Celebrations Are Meaningless: Kenyans Are Yet To Be Free!

by Capt. (Rtd) COLLINS WANDERI In 1888 the Imperial British East Africa Company (IBEA) was granted the royal charter to administer and commercially exploit the British territory in East Africa on behalf the British monarch. The company was responsible for managing the production and exportation of raw materials and the construction of the Kenya-Uganda Railway … Continue reading