“Hire Americans” Senate Says to Bailed out Banks

by Nekessa The Senate voted Friday to restrict the hiring of foreign workers by banks that are receiving government bailout funds while undergoing vast layoffs. The legislation by Sens. Bernie Sanders, a Vermont independent, and Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, would require the banks to seek American workers before turning to foreign nationals when they’re hiring. It … Continue reading


Networking on the Net for Jobs

by Nekessa Today’s numbers on the unemployment are bleak! Eeek! This morning, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that 598,000 Americans had lost their jobs in January (7.6%). These jobs were across industries throughout the country. Incidentally, I just read about LaidOffCamp, a networking site for people who have lost their jobs. (You can find … Continue reading

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Elusive employment opportunities for foreign-trained African Immigrants

by Nelima  The Star Tribune had a  ‘Mega Career Expo’ at the Minneapolis Convention Center yesterday. There where three pavilions, a health care pavilion, a general/professional pavilion and an engineering pavilion.  There were a ton of young job hunters and only FOUR booths in the general/professional area. Verizon Wireless was looking for customer reps, a … Continue reading