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Minnesota Racism

by Ross Anderson as published in the MN Daily   Racism has a newfound fervor when applied to the state’s largest migrant population: Somalis. “What? (Expletive) you!” I initially thought. Recently, the nation’s top law-dog, Eric Holder, our country’s first black attorney general, basically called Americans a bunch of yellow-bellies. We are “a nation of … Continue reading


The Somali Community and the Twin Cities Mainstream Media: Towards a More Perfect Union?

by Nelima Frustrations and suggestions were exchanged at a panel discussion on the portrayal of the Somali community by the media. The accusations in the media that the Abubakar mosque was connected to the missing Somali men, seemed to be the cause of the community’s resentment towards and mistrust of the media. Somali Community frustrations: … Continue reading


African Immigrants to the Rescue?

by Nelima This is a rare immigration story.  As the economy worsens, immigrants are increasingly seen as a burden and competition for welfare resources, but this story in Newsweek gave a much needed fresh angle of the impact of immigrants on the American economy. Here are some excerpts, but make sure you read the full article. … Continue reading