Mary Nabila Muma responds to comments on her court case in the Star Tribune

From Mary Nabila Muma to Nordeaster who commented on Dec 28th 2008 (in the Star Tribune) that she needs to know where I work so she does not ever go to that Hospital.

I also intend to help people understand more details about my story to be able to believe that voodoo exist. I NEVER used to believe in Voodoo, but God has helped me to understand that Voodoo is Satan, that if I believe in him, I should believe that SATAN (voodoo) also exist.

I am glad to inform you that on the 4th of Sept 2006, I won an Prestigious Award in London, United Kingdom with the Royal College of Nursing as the BEST Student Nurse of the year 2006 in England and Wales for my cheerful, diligent, devoted and dedication in Nursing against desperate odds. I was the first foreign Student Nurse ever at that time. I came out in 2 Nursing Magazines/papers so this is not my first time being in a paper. Feel free to contact the Royal College of Nursing in London, UK for confirmation.

Nursing is a vocation to me, and I have been a United Kingdom trained Nurse with a Bachelors Degree in Nursing for over 10 years now, working mainly in Intensive Care Nursing which is very highly challenging and rewarding to me. I offer a very high Standard of Individualized Holistic Nursing Care to my patients since that is how I was trained in United Kingdom. It is needless to emphasize on my nursing qualities and what i offer to my patients, patient’s relatives, co-workers etc. With this major voodoo problem I have had for 6 years, working as a nurse has brought me a lot of peace and happiness. The reason is because, when I go to work in Intensive Care, I feel like I have no problem because i meet very sick patients whose lives hang on tubes and machines and my priority becomes making them well no matter what it takes. So I leave my problem at home and go to work and concentrate on the problems of my patients who are always very critically ill. To survive in Intensive care Nursing, I NEVER take my personal problem to work. For that reason, 98% of the time at work, I am very cheerful.

I call Marcellus my husband because although we divorced in a civil court all because of [deleted] as evidence in my Divorce statement to the court at that time, we have not divorced in Church so in front of God, we are still husband and wife which is what matters to me. God has forgiven me for committing Adultery and I am very thankful. Marcellus Ndanjong Muma is also a fantastic nurse who graduated last year in a reputable University in London. Despite the voodoo spell he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in nursing after 3 years of Nursing Training. I was his guest of honor at his Graduation in London on 22nd April 2008. During that time, he invited me to his job and I spend a few hours with his co-workers and for sure he introduced me to all of them as his wife, not Ex-wife. I even took pictures with his co-workers. Marcellus worked in a reputable Hospital in London where I also worked as a nurse when I was in London. [Deleted] is supposed to be his Legal wife, only God knows why she was not present at the Graduation Ceremony in London. We have a large professional family picture we took on that day and Marcellus mailed it to me as soon as the picture was ready.

In July 2008, Marcellus visited me with our son, Sema Sammy Muma in Minnesota and we visited the Jesus Heals Ministry at the Franciscan Sisters, St Paul for prayers. In the middle of prayer they stopped and told Marcellus that he was surrounded by witchcraft and if he knew anything about that. I had been going there for prayers since January 2008 and was already aware of where the witch craft was coming from. At that appointment, we had 3 people who laid hands on us – myself, Marcellus and Sema and prayed in tongues. God then revealed the witchcraft to them and they prayed even harder. We were advised to always call ourselves husband and wife since we have NEVER divorced in the Catholic Church. They also advised us to always pray together as a family which is why Marcellus prayed before promising me he will return home for good and left his documents and took his own sets of keys and they returned to London. He made that promise to God and myself. Feel free to contact Jesus Heals Ministry at the Franciscan Sister for confirmation. Our appointment was at 1100am on the 10th of July 2008. Tel 6516959202, 9529278039. Always bear in mind that I wanted to be a NUN and Marcellus wanted to be a PRIEST. We meet in the summer of 1991 and fell deeply in Love.

The “Jesus Heals Ministry” is a ministry of healing prayer in the Gifts and Power of the Holy Spirit. They provide prayer teams who listen and discern how to pray for various requests, according to God the father’s divine plan. They enter into the deeper and more active life of Christ.

If you believe in God you have to believe in Satan. Voodoo is Satan, and satan is constantly fighting God’s people. If you donot believe in Satan/Voodoo then you Donot believe in God either. Satan has taken captive of Marcellus, but in God’s time, he will set him free. I divorce Marcellus in court only because I was blind to see that god had united us for life and could solve any problem between us. By divorcing Marcellus, I was indirectly telling God that he could not help me with my problems and looking back, I feel very embarrassed that I could under mind God’s power to that extend.

As St Padre Pio use to say – Pray, Hope and don’t Worry. In this life, if you worry you DO NOT pray and if you pray DON’T worry. God answers all prayers in his own time. 2009 is the year God will answer my prayer and I have no doubt about it. I had shed tears especially in prayers for 6 years, God will wipe my tears in a very special way and put Satan to shame.

Who does God recognize as Marcellus’ wife? Mary or [deleted]? In January 2008, Marcellus admitted to me that he is aware that any woman he has been with besides me since the day we married in Church has been Adultery. Marcellus trained for 7 years in Bishop Rogan College in Cameroon to become a Priest so he understands the teaching of the Catholic Church better than myself. This is the reason why God did not make it possible for Gladys to be present at Marcellus’ Nursing Graduation in London in April 2008

Marcellus married [deleted] in August 2007 and by Oct 2007, he called me and said he did not know how he had ended up with [deleted] because he was not in Love with her. He tried to file for a divorce in London and was told that he will have to be married for 2 years before a divorce could be considered. In Dec 2007, he travelled to Maryland to tell Gladys to Divorce him, but [deleted] said she will NEVER divorce him. He returned back to London prepared to reunite back with me hoping that [deleted] will get the message and file for a divorce. Marcellus had not been at Maryland again since that last visit. I visited him in April in London and he visited me in July 2008, promising to join me in Nov 2008. 3 weeks before his arrival, he felt madly in Love with [deleted] and today he HATES me so much for no reason. Marcellus had told me that [deleted] is on the deportation List. So [deleted] is doing all these hoping to get a Stay in America through Marcellus. There is rumor now in Maryland that Marcellus who was initially living with his uncle when he first got to Maryland has now moved into [deleted] uncles’ basement so he can be with [deleted] at all times. He has moved from a three bedroom apartment we owned in London, to a small room in London and now into somebody’s basement in USA. To top it up, he is also jobless since Nov 25th 2008 and all that matters to him now is Loving [deleted] and being with her. I feel very sorry for him.

[Deleted text] I sincerely feel sorry for both of them. Satan is really deceiving them and that makes me sad. The Cameroonian community in Maryland knew that Marcellus was back with his former wife and it was over between him and [deleted] . In fact [deleted] was going around crying and telling people and insulting Marcellus. [Deleted] even called, Marcellus Grandfather in August 2008, and told him that it was over between her and Marcellus. His grandfather latter had a conversation with my mother about that phone call. [deleted] friend who has helped her with the voodoo spell is called [deleted] , she used voodoo spell to destroy [deleted] uncle’s marriage [deleted] with [deleted]. [Deleted] used voodoo spell on [deleted] for at least 5 years and succeeded to arrive America on the 12th of September 2008 from Cameroon, pregnant with a second child for [deleted]. Immediately, she told [deleted] she will help her with a stronger voodoo spell so she can have Marcellus back this time for good. Behold she did, by the end of October 2008, Marcellus who had bought a one way ticket on the 29th of August to join me in Minnesota on the 25th of Nov 2008 instantly HATED me for absolutely no reason. That hatred has continued up till this date. Marcellus even told me over the phone in the presence of a witness that he does not need his Green Card, that I could burn it, because the only thing that matters to him now is Loving [deleted] and he is ready to go back to Cameroon to Love her there if she is Deported. [Deleted] made her voodoo in such a way that it extended to my son Sema Sammy Muma. Marcellus hated Sema as well, I pleaded with a lady in Maryland several times and she has been able to convince Marcellus about his relationship with is 6 years old son. He now calls him once at least once a week as he use to do and even sent him some money for new year celebration.

Today, most Cameroonians in Maryland who are fully aware of the voodoo spell practice by [deleted] and [deleted] are just waiting to see how long God will allow their Magic to continue to work. Using their voodoo spell, they now have total control over these 2 men’s minds Marcellus Ndanjong Muma and [deleted]. [Deleted] had warned [deleted] not to tell anyone, but she was so excited and happy and could not keep it a secret and has told several people of their success in the voodoo business. She even tells people that if anybody needs to learn how to charm a man they should contact her. She also tells some people that Marcellus will NEVER go anywhere again because she now has total control over him.

There is some vision in this my story of Love, immigration and betrayal. In God’s time, he will proof to the world that voodoo exists and people should go on their knees and pray harder.


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  1. Mary when you allow such personal information to be put out like this especially in country with a different culture there’s a high chance that you will be ridiculed. Had the Star Tribune not moderated the comments you would have heard much worse. I understand this whole ordeal must be hard for yo. I hope you a have a close network of friends around you. Maybe you need to let Marcellus go?

  2. I agree with FemiNazi, Mary you need a support group or some counseling because you are obviously traumatized by this whole ordeal. I just hope this hasn’t cost you your job. Especially now when jobs are hard to come by.

  3. My dear Sista let go. I understand but you need to get a grip of yourself because right now you have lost it.You need to stop making a Public mess of yourself.And by the way do not get this twisted God does not approve of this attitude.He is not a scandalous God.You need to spend some of the nursing money and seek help like seeing a psychologist or talking to your pastor.Pray more and he will make you whole again.

  4. Update!

    St. Paul woman suing over voodoo withdraws her case


    (Last update: February 9, 2009 – 7:51 AM)

    Thanks to the power of prayer — and a near-accident — a St. Paul woman, Mary Nabila Muma, has withdrawn her federal lawsuit against her ex-husband. That’s the one in which she said another woman was using voodoo to steal Marcellus Muma from her.

    On Jan. 20, U.S. Magistrate Judge Franklin Noel recommended dismissing the case for lack of jurisdiction. But on that same day, Muma wrote a letter to the judge, withdrawing her suit.

    A trip to a private retreat had changed her mind, she said. First of all, she prayed a lot and was able to forgive her ex-husband. Second, on the way to return her rental car, Muma lost control of the vehicle on a busy freeway.

    “The police officers and all the people who saw the car and the scene of the accident instantly said that was divine intervention,” she wrote to the court. “I feel that God wants me to withdraw the case and hand Marcellus over to him.”

    Muma thanked the Minnesota federal court, saying it helped her gain attention. “Now I have hundreds of people praying for me,” she said.

    She and her ex-husband are originally from Cameroon.

    “I do not know how God intends to solve this mystery and wipe my tears,” she wrote. “All I know is God will answer my prayer in his own time.”

  5. To all those who took time to read and comment, thanks so much for your time and effort.

    I have decided to loose admiration of the world because of my faith in Christ, so i am actually proud that i am being ridicule, and laughed at. Not many people go through this because of their faith in Christ.

    Please i am not holding on to Marcellus because i Love him or need him in my life, i am in this situation because God has asked me. I am obeying God. If it was up to me, i WOULD NEVER have anything to do with Marcellus or his Family although he is the father of my son.

    By my nature, i am a very proud girl and have always said, i would NEVER share a man. I have humbled myself only because i Love Jesus and have chosen to listen to him only regardless of what the world says.

    People have called me all sorts of names, but that is OK, so long as i am keeping Jesus happy, I DONOT care.

    If Jesus tells me to write my story to the world, i will do just that regardless of ridicules and insults. Personally, i donot like the fact that my story has been on the news paper, on the internet, etc. But Because i am obeying God, i am glad to continue doing as he instructs.

    I wanted to go to become a nun which is something i have always wanted to be but God declined my application saying that he knows me as Marcellus’ wife and i must embrace my relationship with him as a cross which i must bear like he carried his own cross.

    Please think of the passion of Christ, did people not ridicule him, spit on his face, insult him, got him well beaten, abandoned him, nailed him to the cross etc. I have prayed that God should transform me to be more like him, for me to be like him, i need to be ready to accept all the ridicule, insults etc.

    Mary Nabila Muma

  6. Gladys Feh Gwanmesia tells people that she is a Winner and is now pregnant so that Marcellus Ndanjong Muma will NEVER leave her again.

    Gladys happily shows people her stomach that she is pregnant, that she has used voodoo to get the man of her dream. She says she and Victorine Tafree are tough girls who have used strong voodoo and are now able to totally control the men in their lives. She tells some single girls that she can teach them the sort of voodoo they have used so that these girls can also get the men of their dreams.

    Gladys tells people that her voodoo is so effective because Marcellus is so much in Love with her to the point that when Marcellus was with her in Maryland, people will phone him in her absence asking him what he was doing with her as a wife because she had slept with so many people in Maryland. Gladys says, they more Marcellus heard about her sexual life, the more he Loved her. She says, she has total control of Marcellus and will Control him for the rest of her life using her voodoo.

    Marcellus returned back to London in Feb 2009 after almost 90 days in Maryland, doing nothing except being Madly in Love with Gladys. Gladys had told people that Marcellus had joint her indefinitely, now she tells people that he will visit her again in June 2009 and will then return for her to deliver the baby.

    Gladys is illegal in USA, on the Deportation List, has no profession, works as a nursing aide, lives in her uncle’s ( Jerry Doh) basement because she cannot effort an apartment. She has 8 years old twin boys being cared for by a family member in Cameroon. Gladys is so obsessed about her pregnancy that she shows her stomach to many people in Maryland.

    I have being told that when women use voodoo, they eventually become Mad, i hope that God will deliver Gladys soon from the hands of Satan.

    This battle is between Satan and God and Gladys really think that Satan is Stronger than God and she is so proud about it. I love God because he is the God of suddenly and will arise at an appropriate time.

    I pray daily for Glady’s Conversion. She is the greatest blessing in my life. If not of her voodoo on me and Marcellus, i would not know God they way i know him now. In the past, i have been a worshiper of Satan and did things which was very insulting to God, but i have gone so close to God as a result of this voodoo from Gladys. For that i will forever be thankful to Gladys and i hope that God will save her as he has saved me.

    God told me that Gladys started using voodoo on me and Marcellus in Feb 2002 and succeeded because we were not prayerful. He has told me that now that i TRUST him completely and listens only to him, he will arise and put Satan to shame at an appriopriate time.

    Mary Nabila Muma

  7. Gladys Feh Gwanmesia happily annouces that she had a baby boy on September 1st 2009. She says his name is Maxcellus Feh Muma Jr. The unfortunate news is that since she had the baby, Victorine Tafrey who has been her best friend and Teacher in the Voodoo buisines has been driving Gladys out of her uncle’s basement. Sources in Maryland report that they is a lot of problem between Gladys and Victorine currently and all Victorine wants is to have Gladys out of her husband who is also Gladys’ uncle’s house. People are saying they are now just waiting for each of them to release their secrets about their Voodoo practices. I believe Victorine Tafrey wants Gladys out of the house because she knows that Gladys will soon confess publicly and her own secret will be release. Gladys and Victorine Tafrey have been best friends for so many years right from Cameroon. Marcellus is based in London and Gladys was refused a visa for London because she is currently on the deportation list in USA.

  8. On the 8th of Oct 2009, Gladys Feh Gwanmesia was thrown out of her uncle’s house Jerry Doh in Maryland where she had lived in his basement since 2003 when she arrived USA from Cameroon. Gladys and Victorine Tafrey who once were best friends are now Enemies and cannot even sit in the same room. Gladys called her family back in Cameroon a few days ago crying and confessing that she is asking for forgiveness from the entire family for what she has done. She reported the she and Victorine Tafrey have been practicing voodoo for years but she has learnt the hard way. That is is best to marry a man chosen by God. She says she is suffering very much and doesnot sleep at all at night. She reports that Victorine is chasing her spiritually at night trying to kill her. She says she is so scared that she will DIE. The family in Cameroon have told her that they want to know exactly what sort of strong voodoo she used on Marcellus Ndanjong Muma. Gladys said they is a TOP secret about what Vitorine Tafrey is practicng and once she will release that secret, her uncle Jerry Doh will certainly through her out of his home. Gladys told her family back in Cameroon that they have special evil herbs that they apply in their vagina before making love to the husbands they have charmmed to make them crazy about them. She also added that they put some in their food and rub some on their body.

    Gladys is now suffering seriously, with a young baby in her a hands, no husband beside her to support her, sleepless nights from nightmares etc. Gladys told her family that he hopes that God will forgive her because she has STOPPED practiing voodoo and is ready to say everything she has ever done with regards to voodoo.

  9. I guess I am confused. With all of what she has been telling, Nabila has not mentioned anything about moving to Florida to marry a man she barely knew, despite knowing that this man has numerous children and refuses to pay child support to the mother of his children to help support them.

    The man told Nabila that he owned several businesses in the state of Florida and was very wealthy. He also informed Nabila that he had children with his previous wife, but was fighting with her because he refused to pay child support.

    Given Nabila’s education and work as a nurse, it was quite surprising that Nabila would even consider marrying a man who refused to pay child support.

    Within just a few months after marrying this man, Nabila discovered that the man didn’t own any businesses; and in fact, did not even have a job, hence his inability to pay child support. She returned to the Twin Cities only a few short months later, and to the same job. I will say that Nabila is a good nurse and never did anything to demonstrate that she was a danger to her patients, and I would allow her to care for me if I were critically ill.

    I am however truly concerned for her. It appears to me that Nabila needs a man in her life in order to feel complete. I understand that people from Africa may believe in Voodoo, but with all of Nabila’s education, it is difficult to imagine how she can still believe in any of this nonsense! I am disappointed and troubled that she still harbors these beliefs, and hope that she someday finds peace in her life.

  10. Just to update readers that my husband is back in my life since Feb 2010. We spend a quality time in April 2010 in our peaceful home in Tomball. The reunion was great and my husband still doesnot know what happened to him. Because he has been under a spell, i welcomed him home with Love and no hard feelings.

    Gladys Feh Gwanmesia, is so confused and frustrated. She doesnot know where to turn or what to do. She spends her time now insulting my husband and his family. Memorial weekend was a Big weekend in Maryland with hundreds of Bali people celebrating the Bali Convention in Gladys’ home town. Gladys Feh Gwanmesia LOCKED herself in her home and didnot show up. People were waiting to see the 2 voodoo queens in Maryland – Manyi Gladys Feh Gwanmesia and Victorine Tafrey.

    Our relationship is getting stronger by the day. We have major plans but right now we are taking one step at a time.


    Mary Nabila Muma

  11. Mary!Mary!Mary! How many times did i call u? Girl you are the vodoo queen. Your marriage failed b/c you are so crazy not because some woman cast a spell on your man. With the crazy behaviour u have, no man on earth will wanna be with u. Am wondering why u haven’t visit T.B Joshua so that u will be on national TV so that the world will see u. You are a disgrace to all the woman on earth period.

  12. Mary to be honest you need to see a very strong man of God like Prophet T.B Joshua,you need deliverance because the devil is using you,You are not a true christian , you need to accept Jesus Christ as your lord and saviour because the God you claim is talking to you is NOT the true God,the God is not Jehovah or may be it is just your imaginations, The God of Isaac, Jacob and Moses will never tell you to write such nonesense on the internet, See an anointed man of God so that you will be delivered from this evil spirit tormenting you, The devil is in control of your life

  13. i agree with everyone this woman has lost her mind, so creepy, she needs a lot of help, i cannot just get it why are you so crazy over a man, and from your stories this man has 2 ten year olds with the previous woman and you have a six year old. so who is the cheater? you or the other woman. You want people to pity but girlfriend get some help u have lost ur mind.Do not call the Lord’s name in vain!!!!!!

  14. After having gone through this exciting but confusing stories the truth is that, there is nothing I have learned from it. I only maintain what I know about Africans and Cameroonians in particular “once a Cameroonian, always a gossip. There is a lot of “I hear say” behind this whole story. Africans let us be our brother’s keeper. It will not help if you see something wrong and instead of helping the situation you try to make fun of it by provoking the victim with useless contributions. From the little I know, Nabila is a very busy and hardworking lady I just wonder how she got herself involved in this mess! And to you my dear sister in Christ, if you really believe and trust in God, Stop publishing your problem on the net. God never downloads peoples problems from the Internet before solving them. Communicate your God quietly and humbly He will listen to you with some love and concern. If really all those you think have been doing good to you by gossiping to you about A, B, or C why didn’t they stand behind you in court to show how much they love and care for you. Please dear Nabila our God is a living God and sees our hearts. Only a fool makes a mistake more than once.

    Special thanks to all who have contributed positively to Sr. Mary’s problem especially to all who have been praying for her, her son, and her X-husband. Remember there exist an ex-husband but there exist no ex-father. Dear Mary, also teach your Son Sammy to forgive his father.

    May God bless us all
    Juddy, Bamenda, Cameroon

  15. Thanks immensely to all of you for your contribution be it positively or negatively. Thanks so much. Thanks also for all the prayers. The God i have been serving will soon arise and put the records straight. Patience is the KEY.

    I have a lot more update but i am now putting it in my special book. As soon as God will arise, the world will hear the outcome and i hope soon.

    Yes, call me any name in the book, that is Great. I remain the daughter of the most high and I am a chosen one.

    Please keep the comments coming. It is interesting to read all of them.


    Mary Nabila Muma

  16. Ernestine Gringeh ( the woman who is out to RUIN Marcellus Ndanjong Muma’s Life);

    I had stopped writing so i can concentrate on other stuff, BUT with the amount of evil i keep hearing, i might get back to writing and expose all of you so God can put some Light into all your evil acts – You, Manyi Gladys Feh Gwanmesia, Victorine Tafrey, Rahael Tafrey, Mame Anna Tafrey – whom sources say they recently did surgery on her (Mame Anna Tafrey’s neck to remove DEATH people’s bones from her throat)

    So you are TRULY Devil in a human form. I just got confirmation that you have a baby boy with Marcellus and you are trying every means to have him MARRY you. This is unbelievable. In Oct 2008, God revealled to me in a Dream that you were having SEX with him, i asked both of you and you refused and brought me so much trouble, insulted me a lot, said so many LIES about me even to my mother in law, brought me a lot of trouble. You told me that Marcellus has so much problem and you cannot get in between and increase his problem, that you are only trying to help him since you are our big sister. This is the help, to TRAP him with a baby Boy? When i came to London for his graduation in April 2008, you were the last person to leave his apartment pretending that you were trying to help solve our problem. Mean while you were sleeping with him with the intention of getting Pregnant eventually. I saw from your reaction that you were MADLY in Love with him and will do anything to jump into bed with him right in my presence. You appeared desperate and in need of his tender Love. I didnot make any comment, reason why when God revealled to me in a Dream that you were having Sex with him, i was BOLD enough to call and confront you.

    Sources say you have a son and you are proudly telling people that Marcellus, the son of one of the Fomusoh’s is the DAD and he is currently in USA. They also say that you even send your family to chase Marcellus down from America to come and Marry you. Sources say you currently have your mum taking care of that baby and you are doing everything in your power to have Marcellus back in London. I am sure you will soon go into Love Charm just like Manyi if you have not done it already. That my poor Husband in Christ, thank God i have NEVER given up praying for him. My prayers will destroy all your Love Charm if you attempt. Manyi’s Love Charm on him is almost none existence because i am praying none stope, according to her auntie, it is Just a matter of time for Marcellus to Leave her. Once that happens, the Gwanmesia’s family will celebrate because they have tried everything to make Manyi Gladys Feh to stop using Love Charm to no avail.

    Enestine, you are older than me and Marcel, you are a woman men donot approach for a relationship for various reasons – One because you are always frowning, donot know you to present yourself at all etc. You knew exactly when to get pregnant. so you made sure you had unprotected sex with Marcellus. You can NEVER LIE that it was an Accident. You did it thinking he will change his mind and stay with you in London and eventually Marry you. Good news is that i am told that Marcel has RAN away from you completely because he NEVER wanted any baby with you, let alone for any human being to ever think that he was intimate with you. One of my friends told me today that he was just doing what men call – Clear Coast, what ever that means. He was just using you to discharge but since you were obsessed about him you decided to get pregnant thinking he will Love you and Marry you. People have heard the story and say it is very shameful.

    You have a son who is a teenager now, now you TRAP Marcellus with a baby. Let me tell you something, you used Marcellus in his Vulnerable state and MESS him up with a baby he NEVER wanted. Now if he is to Return to London you will TIE him down with Child Support. Ernestine, you have brought an everlasting CURSE on your life. I pray that God should judge you for this evil act you have done on a very vulnerable man. Just watch your life from now. You will see the power of God. When you do something this evil to a human being, you will NEVER succeed in this Life.

    Marcellus is a man i married in church, when we got back in 2008, he asked me to get pregnant so Gladys Manyi Feh Gwanmesia will leave him alone, again when he visited me in April 2010, he asked me to get pregnant for him again that if i do Manyi will leave him alone that he doesnot know what to do to make her leave him alone. Before i left England in 2006, Marcellus pleaded that i should have a baby Girl for him. If i was a desperate woman like You and manyi, i would have gotten pregnant and made sure i tried for a baby Girl. You and manyi have babies with im just to TIE him down. Sorry Mess.

    You took advantage of Marcellus and God MUST reward you. Work hard with your own Love Charm, you might just pull Marcellus back to London to get Married to you.

    Enestine we will meet one day and i will disgrace you publicly. Keep trying. I pray Manyi can join me to Teach you a lesson or 2. You asked for it, your name will enter google, i will make sure about that.

    FYI, i might publish you to many readers, If i do the Title will be ” Ernestine Gringeh in London has a baby Boy with Marcellus & she is TRYING all means to make Marcellus Ndanjong Muma to Marry Her”- Breaking News!


    Mary Nabila Muma

    Mystic and God’s Mighty Warrior

    I am a Child of Destiny, highly anointed by God, i was born for Signs and wonders

    God is using me to win souls to him by using me to perform many miracles on earth

    I am favored by God and he has found me worthy to share in his Passion

    I am a Mystic and a Prophetess carefully created by God

    “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and he will direct your path”. (Proverbs 3, 5-6)

    “You used to be like people living in the dark, but now you are people of the light because you belong to the Lord. So act like people of the light and make your light shine. Be good and honest and truthful, as you try to please the Lord. Don’t take part in doing those worthless things that are done in the dark. Instead, show how wrong they are (Expose Evil and wrong things). It is disgusting even to talk about what is done in the dark. But the light will show what these things are really like. Light shows up everything, just as the Scriptures say, “Wake up from your sleep and rise from death. Then Christ will shine on you.” (Ephesians 5, 8-14)

  17. Manyi Gladys Feh Gwanmesia now calls herself Feh Muma on facebook. Visit her on facebook. In the pictures she has posted, she doesnot identify my husband, since she knows too many people know that she stole my husband Marcallus Ndanjong Muma with Voodoo.

    Mary Nabila Muma

  18. I know Feh…I went to school with her.
    She don’t have voodoo, she just knows how to take care of a man. Period.
    Mary take don loss that man. This girl who took your man is good. She is real good. No boloh, she just get swagg (style)
    Ashia mami…..stop spoiling Feh’s name. She just has a vabriant spirit. She smiles all the time and that just makes the world alot better.
    Mary…learn from Feh, put on some smiles, treat people nice and you will get a new man coz you don loss this one. Seriously.
    Feh Gladyse no get magic, no bolo, no voodoo. She is just a fine woman

  19. Update from Mary Nabila Muma about my voodoo case:
    I just filed Child support on my husband because Manyi Gladys Feh has used her Voodoo to STOP my husband from taking care of his son. This is a serious wake up call to Gladys Feh. My husband has insulted her so much telling her that if she was NOT a bad woman he will be taking care of his son. He has told her that he will definately leave her because he needs to be in his son’s life. Gladys Feh is Furious. She is upset that i file for child support and tells people that i am not suppose to file for child support because i have enough money to care for my son. My husband simply calls her First Class FOOL. He tells her that she is the biggest FOOL he has ever known on earth.
    Gladys Feh will soon discover that Voodoo doesnot work with Child support. Stay tune. Mary Nabila Muma

  20. u are really confused, you said ur husband has come back to your life and again you are filing for child support, how can u be living with ur so husband under one roof and filed for child support on him. again reading our story which is so pathetic because u do not want to let go, i gathered u were divorced in court. how can u still be calling him ur husband if u are already divorced in court abd having the marriage null and void. he is not ur husband but now ur baby’s daddy. Let me make this known to you, there is no divorce in church, the church only does her work by joining two people together and there is why two people have to go to court to sign a legal paper with witnesses to proclaim themselves husband and wife and if that same court that considered u huband and wife have cancelled the contract then by law u are officially divorce. i can understand what u are going through. leave that small boy to decided about his father. many women have gone through what u are going through whose marriages are still legal and unlike yours that has been cancelled, and they have not gone, to youtube or web crying. you cannot keep putting people’s name down because officially they can sue you for defamation. let me remind you, you cannot proof voodoo in court, so u are committing a serious crime without u knowing. move on with ur wife as ur ex husband has done.

  21. please please go get some rest./A woman should have some pride.Man pass you u carry yi bag.Feh don pass you.Mary Nahbila,You need to admit that this man has moved on.You need to stop creeping!!!A true woman of God does not talk about Voodoo.Is your problem Feh or Ngringeh??U seem to forget yourself sometimes and say Feh and yourself will deal with Ngringeh.Stop being childish,how can a sensible man in the 21st century tell you he was trapped by a woman?Don’t you think you can get a better man out there and do something better with your life and give your son some stability.You also need some psychiatric help and stop disgracing us bali-women.There are better men out there!!!!Wake up!!!!You claim to be serving the lord.Is this what he asks you to do???u!!!I do not know Feh but I know you.How dare you say Marcellus was your first love!!I also know somebody you tried to cling to before Marcellus!You are a young woman with talents but no self esteem.wake up!!!!

  22. people this lady finally commited suicide on saturday in london she jumped in the rail road track.

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