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Political Realism trumped by the voices of the people in the Egyptian revolution

International relations have always been dominated by the theory of ‘political realism’. Those who believe otherwise are often disappointed because frankly it is everyone for themselves in a world that seems to grow apples on orange trees. If you try to wear a different lens from realism, you would either practically be a lost or … Continue reading

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North Africans turn the tables on authoritarian regimes in Tunisia and Egypt, could this phenomenon trickle down to the rest of Africa?

“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” Martin Luther King, Jr. These words sum up the events that have sent shock waves across North Africa first in Tunisia and currently Egypt. There is growing discontent and tension among the masses about the authoritarian regimes that have become … Continue reading

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Elections don’t mean a thing, if they aint got the win; the paradox of a ballot box in Africa

It is mind boggling how self interest can drive a leader to risk the fate of a nation. Millions walk into the voting booth with enthusiasm and hope. Putting the failures of their government and leaders behind them and looking ahead in the horizon with faith. Hoping to make it to the flickering light at … Continue reading