President Obama Launches White House Internship Program

by THE WHITE HOUSE Office of Media Affairs President Obama today launched the White House Internship Program for his administration and announced that applications are currently being accepted for the summer of 2009.  Those selected to participate in the program will gain valuable job experience and an inside look at the life of White House … Continue reading


What Obama Owes Africa

Here are some excerpts from an article by Njoroge Wachai as posted on Post Global . It reverts back to the question of how much should Africans rely on outside help to develop the continent? Who really owes Africa: Obama or our leaders? Here are some main points, but do read the whole article here. Now Mr. … Continue reading


Alan Keyes wants Obama’s Birth Certificate: Now!

  by Nekessa You probably heard the rumors during the presidential campaign– that President-Elect Barack Obama is not really an American citizen, but was born in Kenya. These rumors have been doing the rounds in the right-wing blogsphere and radio airwaves. Currently, there are three lawsuits challenging Obama’s citizenship. And several online petitions. Perhaps the … Continue reading

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Free At Last?

This is a short one. Just a quick check. A friend sent me a nice calendar. Pretty simple really, but still nice. It featured justapositioned images of Obama and Martin Luther King, Jr. each month.  November was simply a picture of Obama with the headline, “President Obama!!!”  December had the words, “Free At Last. Free at … Continue reading