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49 Haikus for Gambia from 49 Minnesota Poets



It’s simple really: focus attention on Gambia. No, there is no war there, there is no imminent famine, no AIDS crisis; just another African country with Africans doing what Africans do: live, love and play. So why bring attention to it? The real question is, why not? How cool would it be to have lots of us talking about an African country for no other reason, but just because we are curious, intrigued, inspired, moved!

How wonderful would it be have people learn a little about a small, seemingly inconsequential country such as Gambia before ever even meeting a Gambian? To have someone search for the Gambian community in Minnesota and show up at a cultural celebration simply because they were interested in learning more about the people that call that country home, visit the country because you imagine it is a beautiful country (because it is!)?

So here is the plan: Invite 49 local Twin Cities writers to write an haiku each for Gambia, and on her 49th independent anniversary, February 18, 2014, throw the poems in the air and have them land everywhere! On the radio, on billboards, in newspapers, the Internet…everywhere! It’s as simple as one haiku, as big as 49 of them! As simple as one small country wrapped around the Gambian River, as big as changing the African narrative!

I hope you can help make this a reality.

At first I thought getting 49 writers would be the most difficult part of this project. Well, it turned out that is not hard at all!

So obviously, the next challenge is raising the funds to pay for the dissemination and other related expenses. I trust you, my friends, got my back on this! Thanks for your support.

Obviously this will cost more than $1,200 goal set here, but the way Kickstarter works, I would rather set my goal low and meet it than set it high and miss it. So feel free to give a lot more. Obviously the more money I raise the more places I can reach. So feel free to be VERY GENEROUS 🙂


Only 10 days left to reach the goal and we’re pretty close. Find out more about this campaign by clicking here .


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