Relevant Education the key to Education Reform in Africa

Education has for long been branded as the key to unlock Africa from the cages of poverty. Significant resources have been invested by the UN, NGOs and African Nations towards solving Category 1 challenges which Dr. Kawuma defines as (1) Lack of access to Education (2) Gender inequality (3) Poor/inadequate facilities and the widening teacher to student ratio. However, “lack of relevant education” which is hurting Africa the most has not been addressed. Resources are being wasted trying to get every child in school but the majority graduate and leave school without getting an education. Many return to their communities as misfits unable to prosper and take advantage of the resources in the community. Dr. Kawuma proposes an education model that focuses on the needs of society and keeping students engaged with their culture and society.


One thought on “Relevant Education the key to Education Reform in Africa

  1. Off course the only elimination of poverty is only education,therefore people should work eagerly on the fruits of EDUCATION’ Specifically equality should be much considered and other sponcerships
    should be given to these demands

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