Victoria’s “Ugly” Secret: African Child Labor

by Nelima

Isn’t sad how one girl’s glory is another girl’s nightmare?

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011 Picture Courtesy of CBS

For those of you who didn’t know, the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aired on CBS last night. I managed to catch the show right before its end and I can’t say which I found more entertaining between the show or the comments on twitter. One girl called ‘all the Angels her models’, another said she ‘couldn’t stop crying because of their beauty’, while others dropped not no subtle hints to friends and family about what Victoria’s Secret items they wanted for Christmas.

Child Laborers in Burkina Faso Picture Courtesy of Bloomberg

An investigative Bloomberg report has detailed the plight of child laborers on the Burkina Faso ‘ Flo-Cert fair-trade certified cotton’ farms. For Burkinabe girls like 13 year old Clarisse Kambire, Victoria’s Secret dependency on Burkina Faso’s cotton translates into abusive work conditions.

Limited Brands, the parent company of Victoria’s Secret released this statement in response to the child labor allegations in Burkina Faso.


One thought on “Victoria’s “Ugly” Secret: African Child Labor

  1. Thanks for the post, especially the link to the Limited Brands response. I have sent an email to Cam Simpson, the reporter for the Bloomberg article you referenced, and asked for any follow up response they have. Have you been able to independently verify the Bloomberg article’s accuracy?

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