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Soma Nights | Benefit Party at the Lounge tonight

A few years ago a group of Kenyan friends in Minnesotan universities got together to start an education fund for children in Kenya. They would raise money every month amongst themselves, and over time formalized the association and formed the Kenya Society for Academic Advancement.

A long feature will follow. For now, read more about them on their website, become a fan on Facebook and party with them at the Lounge tonight! (flyer above) Proceeds from Soma Nights will go towards the KSAA education fund. (Soma is Swahili for Study/Read)

On their website you can meet the children who have received scholarships from them. You can also read about their work with women groups in different parts of Kenya.  It was not until 2003 that education became free to all Kenyan children only at the primary school level. KSAA seeks to serve kids who have benefited from free primary school education, have done well academically, but cannot afford to go to high school.

The founders of KSAA realized that ensuring the education of these underprivileged children through high school would vastly improve their chances of success in life. The success of such an individual would greatly help in advancing not only personal growth, but the growth and development of [Kenya].

Disclaimer: I am friends with most of the founders and board members of KSAA so I have attended a couple of their benefits (thus explaining my photo on the slide show on their homepage)

Event details: The Lounge, 411 Second Ave North, Minneapolis. Time: 10pm to 2am.


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