West African Dance Showcase by Tiyumba

Tiyumba Dance Group

Tiyumba Dance Group

Dear Friends:

I hope you will be able to come and experience West African Dance as it is so energetically performed by the Tiyumba Dance Group. It will be a lot of fun and it is an opportunity for you to see what Tiyumba is all about and also get down and dance.Culture-seekers, curious passers-byers and spirited souls are invited to witness the deep-rooted cultural art form of African rhythm and dance with TIYUMBA!!

Tiyumba invokes the sights and sounds of age-old African musical traditions that tell the stories of African culture, history, and people. The dancers and drummers of Tiyumba deliver a vibrant, emotionally charged, and exciting performance, leaving the audience highly entertained and DANCING!

Many say : “This is the most spectacular performance of it’s kind, seen anywhere in Minnesota, and America!”

“Tiyumba is Sensational, Electrifying, Exciting, Amaaaazing, Powerful and Educational!”

“Truly a representation of the Beauty of African Culture and Traditions!”

When:This Thursday, June 4th at 7pm!

Where: Jefferson Auditorium, Located at 122 W 26th St, Minneapolis 55405

Adults $8, Kids $5, Under 12 Free!

Bring your family and friends for an unforgettable performance, learn how the rhythm of the drums moves your mind body and soul! All ages are welcome, come prepared to be exhilarated!!!

For more information call Fatawu at 612-990-0788. Hope to see you then!


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