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Earth Day: WWWD? (What Would Wangari Do?)

by Nelima

Today is Earth Day and that means you will celebrate and appreciate Mother Earth. Africans have a lot to be thankful as our continent is resource-rich and our fauna and flora are diverse and equally bountiful. Anyhow what would ‘African Environmentalist Premiere’ and 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Wangari Maathai do on a day like this? Perhaps what she does best – conserve the environment or talk about conserving the environment. I thought I’d leave you with a clip from her documentary, Take Root – to keep you inspired for the day.

Africa Action in DC released a report calling on the US to support sustainable development in Africa. You can red the report here.

Also last night WCCO reported that freebies will be handed out at various places (Starbucks coffee included yay!) Here are some items from their list;


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