Under Scrutiny

by Eva

I am fond of the Somali mall and all the services they offer. I am also proud of those that have established business that provide services sorely lacking in the Minneapolis area.

I am also concerned about the scrutiny some of these businesses seem to garner in the investigations conducted by the FBI. What do you think about the raids that have been taking place recently? One such raid on money transfer businesses was reported by Kare 11.  The  report stated,

Federal agents searched three money-transfer businesses in Minneapolis on Wednesday, carrying away boxes of documents and copying computer hard drives in a quest for details of financial transactions between the U.S. and several African nations.

Agents searched Mustaqbal Express, also known as North American Money Transfer Inc.; Quran Express; and Aaran Financial.

“They were asking how long have you had the office, how long have you been working here, how many employees do you have,” said Abdirahman Omar, General Manager at Mustaqbal Express.

FBI spokesman E.K. Wilson confirmed the searches but wouldn’t elaborate on the reason.

To read the full length article click here.

Do you think  these raids are legitimate? Do you know of other raids on other African owned business that went unreported? Please share that information. After all you are the windows to the communities that we live in.


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