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18 days to Liberian DED Expiration! Join LiWIM this Sunday in appealing to President Obama.

By Yeamah (yeamyah)

What began 20 years ago is due to end once and for all on March 31st, 2009. Liberian refugees who came to the United States with the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) were supposed to be deported 18 months ago. President Bush “gracefully” approved of the Deferred Enforced Departure 18 months ago, which will officially expire in 18 days: March 31st, 2009. Before leaving office, Bush did not sign on to another 18 months extension, nor did legislation that would allow Liberians on TPS/DED to become Permanent Residents pass during the last session. 

So, with 18 days left, President Obama’s signature allowing for another extension of DED is the only hope for approximately 4,000 (a conservative estimate) Liberians with this status, and frankly, the entire Liberian-American community!

LiWIM IS TAKING ACTION! logo_medium-2


The members, staff, Board, and supporters of the Liberian Women’s Initiative of MN will be putting on a Liberian DED Awareness Event (tomorrow) Sunday, March 15th, 2009! There will be testimonies from affected individuals, updates and information from lawyers and advocates, and an opportunity for everyone who is attending to email or fax a letter to the White House. Please attend this urgent event tomorrow:

What: Liberian DED Awareness Event hosted by the Liberian Women’s Initiative-MN (LiWIM).

When: SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2009 at 5:00 P.m. at the BROOKDALE COVENANT CHURCH, 5139 Brooklyn Blvd. Brooklyn Center, MN 55429.

Who: All concerned and caring individuals!

Why: As a women-led organization, LiWIM has decided to focus on women and children who are affected by this unfortunate situation. We hope to appeal to anyone who will listens to join us in a plea to President Obama and lawmakers to URGENTLY extend the Deferred Enforced Departure (DED), and eventually grant permanent residency status for those affected.

For more info about the event, please contact: (612) 388-2423, or If you can’t attend, but want to learn more, The Advocates for Human Rights Immigration Resources website is the best place check! Just click here.

See you there tomorrow!


15 thoughts on “18 days to Liberian DED Expiration! Join LiWIM this Sunday in appealing to President Obama.

  1. Obama should not forget, Liberians are descendants of African American slaves who fled left and founded Liberia. This is a unique situation and deserves unique treatment. These people should be allowed to regain what their former slave descendants lost – American citizenship or at least permanent residence. Obama needs to say “Yes” to this one and not be inclined to follow the Republicans who have consistently blocked legislation to grant Liberians permanent residence regardless of the history.

  2. It is advisable at this time that Liberians hold a candle light all night street vigil in Washington and Minesota and around the US. It is only prayers that will turn the tide.

  3. What continues to amaze me is that illegals get amnesty and those who abide by the laws pay their dues to immigration and are documented get no consideration.

  4. The truth of the matter is the housing question. Are these people supposed to sleep on the streets of Liberia – the place is war-wrecked; houses are in disrepair, family members killed in the war, no known friends. How horrible – what a nightmare. Good luck.

  5. What about the presence of the UN soldiers, isn’t this enough indication the situation is not normal. Liberians who can afford and foreign diplomats are living behind high walls with barbed fencing with self imposed curfews after dark due to the high security risk and armed robbery by ex combats at large.

  6. No matter how beautiful a picture is painted of Liberia today in the West, the situation on the ground is on tender hooks rampant with dissatisfaction from the suffering masses evidenced by recent riots this month. If it explodes this current US administration will have played a major role in destabilizing Liberia, still in shambles from a destructive civil war, by simply not waiting until the right time to engage in mass deportation. I have been there.

  7. This would be a good time for the Obama administration to adopt a policy of granting amnesty to all existing illegals and persons on DED this would boost the number of taxpayers, boost income from immigration fees for immigration processing, and in general benefit the economy from the loss of lives in the Iraq war and replace tax paying human resources.

  8. Today, the media indicated that Obama extended DED for 12 more months. We need to get Congress to pass a Permanent Residency Bill. I believe Sen. Klobuchar re-introduced that bill. Liberians need to tell our supporters in Congress THANK YOU, then we need to LOBBY other legislators to pass the Bill…. within the next 12 months.

  9. Dear Fellow Liberians:

    I am very pleased to extend my thanks and appreciation to all Liberians and president Obama for the great assistant you all have rendered us concerning the TPS/crisis. Let’s continue to unify our communities and our fellow Liberians in the different states of America.

    I am very proud of my brothers and sisters for the great work they have done for the Liberians. If we have no love and unity among the Liberians’ communities there would be no possibility of extending the DED/TPS. Thank God of the great efforts you all have made in bringing about this wonderful success.

    Many thanks to all our supporters in America and abroad as we endeavor to persue our goals in life, while educating and preparing ourselves to build a better Liberia for the future.

  10. You got it all wrong and that is why we Liberians have no identity of our own. How can we keep claiming that we are part of America? Liberia was settled by freed slaves but there were people who lived there before. Liberia says it was never colonized but the colonization of the mind is alilve and well in Liberia. Liberian deny people of other races to be citizens in Liberia but now want the US to give them citizenship. When Liberia lifts its racist laws that ban whites , even when they are born in Liberia, from becoming citizens and owning land, then they can ask for fair treatment elsewhere. Presdient Sirleaf wants liberians to go home and help build Liberia so start packing.

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