How About Some Weekend Fun?

by Nelima

Get out and enjoy the weekend heat wave (44F today, 42F tomorrow and 40F on Saturday). Let’s just hope the sun can shine down on us a little. If you are looking for something to do here are some suggestions:

  • Saakumu Dance Troupe at Trocaderos tomorrow from 8:30pm
  • Black Out at the View also tomorrow from 10:00pm
  • Nation of Immigrants at U of M’s Anderson Library also tomorrow from 7:00pm
  • AfriCaraibe at El Arco Iris Center for the Arts, Macalester then Red Stag on Saturday from 6:00pm
  • V-Day Minneapolis at Varsity Theater also on Saturday from 6:00pm
  • Togolese movie ‘Beyond Love’ at Oak Street Theater also on Saturday from 6:00pm (Call in adv 612-202-6881 or 952-484-0403 or 612-242-0061)  cancelled until further notice.
  • Tanzanian A Y in concert at the Blue Nile on Saturday from 10:00pm
  • First Movie Premier by Daniel Show Productions on Sunday at UMD (Duluth) beginning at 6:30 pm
  • Stimulus Plan Reggae Sundays at the Lounge from 10:00pm 

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