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Can Kofi Annan Save Somalia from Ruin?

by Nana

Italian Somaliland gained its independence from Italy on 1 July 1960. On the same day, it united with British Somaliland, which gained independence on 26 June 1960, to form the Somali Republic. The Somali state currently exists largely in a de jure capacity; Somalia has a weak but largely recognized central government authority, the Transitional Federal Government (TFG), but this is only the latest in a string of ineffectual, externally recognized governing authorities. (Wikipedia).

While the world at large has put attention and full force on the equally troubled Darfur in the Sudan Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo (all well deserved course) a lot of talk and no action has been done for the Somali Republic largely because the fiery war lords and their deadly force, has in part has scared off the west from taking part in assisting this nation.

Yet as a people of the African continent we can not for ever sit back and watch while our brothers and sisters in this beautiful nation finish each other. My very humble thinking in this matter is that the action to save this nation is now – today and not tomorrow or next year! It is unfortunate that the Transitional Federal Government in Somalia does not control the whole country (some parts have declared autonomy) and this makes it difficult to bring total stability to this nation.

My belief is that Somalia’s redemption will not come from any of Africa’s mega-political organizations. Not The African Union, who lately has been putting some effort to strengthen the TFG, nor the  Inter Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD), which has been playing host to numerous mediation meetings since 2003. Africa’s very own top notched diplomat and peacemaker par-excellence, the honorable Dr. Kofi Annan, could be the solution.

Some if not all of you know Dr. Annan’s impeccable record in peace negotiations around the globe at the United Nations were he served a ten year term as Secretary General. You also may remember Dr. Annan remarkable role in Kenyan debacle after the failed 2007 presidential election that nearly tore the nation into pieces. If it were not for his wisdom  and determination in chairing the warring factions at the time, Kenya would have turned into another Somalia, thanks to him for saving Kenya!

My line of thought here is for us, concerned Africans here in Minnesota (which has a large number of Somali refugees) and others elsewhere to write a petition to Dr. Kofi Annan requesting him to chair a meeting between the TFG and the other factions with the aim of bring permanent stability to the Republic of Somalia.

Can we do this? What do you think? 


2 thoughts on “Can Kofi Annan Save Somalia from Ruin?

  1. This is a different way to look at it. I wonder whether it’s been proposed before. I guess the major question is would Somalis agree to have Kofi Annan as a mediator?

  2. I agree with Flora, this is indeed a different perspective. Whether Kofi Annan can provide the means towards peace in Somalia is certainly arguable. The histories of Kenya and Somalia are quite different.
    But you know what I have always believed? I truly believe that only a poet can reawaken the warlords and so forth towards a better part of themselves. Yes, only a poet.

    But then again, who knows? I mean, if a place like Somalia can get worse….

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