Join the US military and get US citizenship in six months

by Sarah C.

Sounds like a cheesy ad, but it isn’t. If you are a in the US on a temporary visa, it could get easier to become a US citizen. Sure you may have to take a trip to Afghanistan or Iraq, but in as little as six months you could be an American. According to this article in yesterday’s New York Times;

Recruiters expect that the temporary immigrants will have more education, foreign language skills and professional expertise than many Americans who enlist, helping the military to fill shortages in medical care, language interpretation and field intelligence analysis.

Sounds like a variant of an H1-B visa. For Africans just dying to jump at the opportunity, wait. Looks like they might be targeting people from the Middle East and surrounding regions.

“The American Army finds itself in a lot of different countries where cultural awareness is critical,” said Lt. Gen. Benjamin C. Freakley, the top recruitment officer for the Army, which is leading the pilot program. “There will be some very talented folks in this group.”

Nothing about whether permanent resident get the same benefit.

About 8,000 permanent immigrants with green cards join the armed forces annually, the Pentagon reports, and about 29,000 foreign-born people currently serving are not American citizens.

So who ARE these temporary immigrants? Here’s a list from the US Dept of State website. Does this mean that we will see more recruiting on campuses – among students with F-1 visas?

Purpose of Travel to U.S. and Nonimmigrant Visas Visa Type Required: Before Applying for Visa*
Athletes, amateur & professional (compete for prize money only) B-1 (NA)
Au pairs (exchange visitor) J SEVIS
Australian professional specialty E-3 DOL
Border Crossing Card: Mexico BCC (NA)
Business visitors B-1 (NA)
Diplomats and foreign government officials A (NA)
Domestic employees or nanny -must be accompanying a foreign national employer B-1 (NA)
Employees of a designated international organization, and NATO G1-G5, NATO (NA)
Exchange visitors J SEVIS
Foreign military personnel stationed in the U.S. A-2
Foreign nationals with extraordinary ability in Sciences, Arts, Education, Business or Athletics O USCIS
Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Professionals: Chile, Singapore H-1B1 DOL
International cultural exchange visitors Q USCIS
Intra-company transferees L USCIS
Medical treatment, visitors for B-2 (NA)
Media, journalists I (NA)
NAFTA professional workers: Mexico, Canada TN/TD (NA)
Nurses coming to health professional shortage areas H1-C USCIS
Performing athletes, artists, entertainers P USCIS
Physician JH-1B SEVIS
Professor, scholar, teacher (exchange visitor) J SEVIS
Religious workers R (NA)
Specialty occupations in fields requiring highly specialized knowledge H-1B DOL then USCIS
Students: academic, vocational F, M SEVIS
Temporary agricultural workers H-2A DOL then USCIS
Temporary workers performing other services or labor of a temporary or seasonal nature. H-2B DOL then USCIS
Tourism, vacation, pleasure visitors B2 (NA)
Training in a program not primarily for employment H-3 USCIS
Treaty traders/treaty investors E (NA)
Transiting the United States C (NA)
Visa Renewals – Available in the U.S. (NA)

We have closed comments on this post because it seems readers are under the impression that we can connect you with the US military. No we cannot.


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  2. Are you guys just disseminating this information or actually encouraging people to “take advantage” of it?

  3. Hello my name is Freddie (Federico)

    I lived all my life in the USA since the age of 2.
    I was raised in California but born in Mexico. I went to school and worked.
    My problem is that I hanged out with the wrong crowd when I was 18 years. I went through a phase in my life. I got involved on selling controlled substance for about 3 to 4 months. It was extra cash and to help out with the bills. I sold to an undercover officer. The last time I sold to him school to get my G.E.D. He stated that why not keep selling and I said I waned something better for my lI had mentioned that it was the last time that I would sell to him because I was going back to ife. Two months latter I got arrested for the 3 sales I had made before. It was around 3 ounces. When I got arrested I was not selling anymore. I was working my full time job.
    They followed me to work in the morning and they arrested me there. I had nothing on me. When I went to jail I remember they asked me if I was a Citizen or Resident. I did not have any idea of what he was talking
    about. My parents never mentioned or explained to us anything about being a Citizen or Resident. I found out to late after being arrested.
    Anyways they offered me 3 years and the public offender said it was a great deal for being my first time. What a big fat liar. I should have got only 4 to 8 month and should have went to a special program. I did my three years sentence with my half time I was released in 16 months but I was picked up by ins and they took me to federal court to take away my residency and be deported due to a new law that came out.
    I then got out on bail after being ordered deported and looked up for six months with I.N.S. I was so happy! But my case was not solved yet. I got my old job back and I went to school and got my G.E.D. I then went to College while working full time for 1 year. And then I switched to a different school to become a paramedic. I was still on parole and I had two months to finish my 3 year parole and just my luck, I got arrested for arguing with some guy that was hitting on my girlfriend. The officer asked me to leave and go home so I did but Before going home I stopped by my girlfriends house to talk with her and the officer passed by and said I told you to go home, now I’m going to arrest you for terrorist threats. I did 10 months in San Quentin State in California. I then got picked up by I.N.S and I managed to get out on bail. To get the bail they charged me $15,000 dollars and the bail was $25,000 dollars. My brother helped me out. He did good in the stock market and had enough money to help. He’s the best! I then started to go to a Day Trading school in San Jose CA. I lost all my money yeah more bad luck. After loosing $30,000 in a few months I started working for a temp agency and I was doing well. My last job was at an internet company.
    I was the office Administrator, Receptionist and account assistant. My lawyer told me that my case would be resolved in about 1 year and he stated not to go out of the country. After a few months I decided to go to Tijuana and as I was driving back into the US. I was arrested. I was there for almost 3 months and they said
    That since I left the country that it was like if I had refused to my rights. So they deported me to Mexico. I had 6 cents in my pocket and I was in a different country witch I did not belong to. I was only born in Mexico but lived all my life in the US. I am an American! You can say a deported American.
    The next day I called my lawyer and he said not to try to cross back. He would work on my case and get me back in. I could have crossed back, because I still had my green card and license with me and they were not expired but I wanted to do the right thing and wait. I still have my license and Residency card as proof. Well I’ve been here in Mexico, a country that I believe I don’t belong to for almost 8 years. It will be 8 years on Oct. 22, 2009. My life has been terrible here. Not to many people like foreigners here.
    I stay in a small room at a body shop. I do work but I only make enough for food and sometimes not even enough for food . I’m just surviving with 300 dollars a month. I can’t stand it anymore. Anything is better then being here I think. Don’t get me wrong, Mexico is a great place but only to visit or if you have money and don’t have to work. It does not compare to living in the US.
    I need to be with my family in the US. I’m alone here. I wish to go back legally and that’s why I‘ve waited this long. I don’t know what to do and I don’t have money for another lawyer.
    I don’t care if they give me a green, orange, blue, pink what ever color card they want to give , it is fine with me! I want to prove to my Country that I’m worthy of being a US Citizen. I really need this one time chance please!
    By going into the Army, Navy, Marine corp. I can prove my self. I have nothing to loose! I’ve lost so much being hear in Mexico already. If I’m not were I belong then I have nothing to gain.
    I can be of great assistance on helping out to make this world a better place to live for us and our children.
    I’m ready to do what ever it takes. Can you please help! I’d really appreciate it!

    Thank you kindly for your time, Freddie Ochoa

  4. I am hereby sincerely and willing to make a request to join the USA foreign military force in good faith and regard.

    You can contact me through my phone:00220 9722966 at any time incase you want to know more information about me.

    I hope my this message will meet your kindly consideration and approval.

    I belong to be in your command. I am forwarding to hear from your acknowledgement.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Pa Modou Jarra.

  5. am a Kenyan boy age 26yrs,height of 5.7 ft,body weight 70kgs, physical fit,participating in athletics {400m}, qualify in motor vehicle mechanics,i have dreamt to be a soldier since my childhood but my dream were cut off by the rough situation{corruption & tribalism} in Kenya where you must came from acertain tribe, give a bribe of sh100,000 or came from a political family to get a job and i didn’t have neither of them, so i was denied the job but i did n’t give up that’s why am been forced to try to our friendly countries ,please if you can assist me to join USA millitary i will thanks alot.

  6. I am a person who came up with a sincere and ambitious aim of joining the American force to help the U.S.A in accomplishing its noble deeds socially, morally, economically, developmentally, physically & mentally.

  7. hi I was brought to the usa when I was 4 years old. lived my whole live there we got social security cards and work permits drivers license. i live there for almost 20 years. Never been in trobel. our case went to court. after all this time of being American now we are oder voluntary deportation.. I have left and followed the law because I want to come back to My country.. usa! And I am looking to do it legally and would join the USA millitary if that would be a way back to the country I have lived all my life and I belive deep in my heart that I am American. No matter where I am.
    I am 25 male living in mexico a place I dont remember and having a hard time getting use to.

    please help.
    thank you.

  8. Dear Sir I served 6 years in the US army from 1975 to 1981 then I got arrested comvicted got deported from the US to Haiti since 2001 now I trying to get a waiver to go back because I have two kids that I havent seen in 10 years please if you have any information on how I can solve this ploblem please send me aemail Thank you in advance

  9. am a ghanaian boy age 23yrs,height of 6.1 ft i have dreamt to be a soldier since my childhood but my dream were cut off by the rough situation{corruption & tribalism} in ghana where you must come from acertain tribe, give a bribe before they they enlist you please am prepared to serve in you reputable US army i can’t wait thank you

  10. Kindly assist me in joining the Us Defence Force.I tried to join some college in the US bt was turned away by the Consulate Embassy in Kenya that i had not provided the full information on my visit.Now,am desperate,no more schooling*,just doing little business for survival.Greatly appreciate your help,Joseah.

  11. Please I am a Ghanaian citizen and would like to join the US Army.
    what should i do?

  12. I wanted to join U.S army since my childhood. I came to learn that non citizen cant join the force and got disappointed and stated in next field choosing engineering. But, now since there is a chance i dont want to loose it.. What should I do? Its not about, being citizen its about serving and die like a legend.

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