Somali and Muslim Community Leaders address accusations linking MN Mosque to terrorism

by Nelima

The case of the missing Somali men is back in the limelight. Yesterday at the Abubakar As-Sadique Islamic Center, leaders from the Somali and Muslim communities in a united voice disputed the link between the mosque and the Somali men who rumored to have gone home to fight a holy war. They argued that the media has not been fair by carrying statements by individuals who have personal biases against the mosque.

If you have been following mainstream media’s reporting on Somali’s in Minnesota, you will notice that Omar Jamal is usually the trusted source of information, but the community is accusing him of using the American media for personal to carry out his personal vendettas. I covered the press conference for the Twin Cities Daily Planet and you can read the article here. Also here are some previous posts on the issue of the Al Qaeda Cells in Minnesota, Somali’s in MN barred from going for Hajj, Mainstream media and responsible journalism when reporting on the Somali community.

Funny enough neither the Star Tribune nor Pioneer Press, who have been loud on the issue were present at the press conference, but MPR, FOX news and WCCO were there. Newsweek Magazine ran a story on the issue this week.

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