Networking on the Net for Jobs

by Nekessa

Today’s numbers on the unemployment are bleak! Eeek!

This morning, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that 598,000 Americans had lost their jobs in January (7.6%). These jobs were across industries throughout the country.

Incidentally, I just read about LaidOffCamp, a networking site for people who have lost their jobs. (You can find them on twitter, and facebook). They are based out in San Fransisco. Is there anything like this here in the Cities?

Check February joblistings for local available jobs.

I just went over to Recession Info Center— wow, great website! (thanks Pam!) This website has everything from unemployment benefits, job listings, tips on job searches, extra ways to make money, debt control and housing information.


4 thoughts on “Networking on the Net for Jobs

  1. I would like to thank the entire team of minneafrica for your great job. What you guys are doing is a huge public service you are providing to the African community here in Minnesota and across the word. My suggestion is, I would like to provide you with ideas that I call “recession proof”. But I will need your permission to share those ideas on your blog.

  2. Hey Solange,
    Recession proof ideas are on my to-do list, however, I do not mind having you help!! Please send us an email, and we will publish your ideas :). minneafrica [at] gmail [dot] com . Thanks!

  3. Wow! Thanks for the information peoples …. will be watching out for a Twin Cities ‘Laid Off Camp’ .

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