International PEN Award finalists

Below are the finalists for the International PEN/STUDZINSKI Literary Award. The winner gets £10,000!

According to PEN officials:

we have received an unprecedented response from African authors both near and far. More than 800 entries have been received to date, 621 of which met with the entry rules.

The PEN/STUDZINSKI Literary Award has replaced the HSBC/SA PEN Literary Award and aims to encourage new creative writing in Africa. It is open to all citizens of African countries writing in English.

Applicants are citizens of African countries. The best entries will be published in a book called, “New Writing from Africa”.

Ken Barris – “The life of Worm”
Nadia Davids – “The visit”
Ceridwen Dovey – “Survival mechanisms”
Joan du Toit – “An informed decision”
Graham Ellis – “No match for Fanie Smith”
Rosemund J Handler – “Strident night”
Jeanne Hromnik – “Love In troubled times”
Karen Jayes – “Where he will leave his shoes”
Suzanne Jordaan – “Beulah”
Bobby Jordan – “Metalhead and Situation Orange”
Chisanga Kabinga – “Display cabinet”
Ken N Kamoche – “A kiss in Nanjing”
Yvette Kruger – “What I wore”
Lauri Kubuitsile – “Pulani’s eyes”
Beatrice Lamwaka – “The star in my camp”
Jennifer Lean – “To each his own”
Irene McCartney – “Pauline’s ghost”
Jenna Mervis – “The lives of dogs”
Kirsten Miller – “Only in art”
NoViolet Mkha Bulawayo – “Snapshots”
Wame Molefhe – “Rainbow-coloured dreams”
Natasha Moodley – “Spirit of Madala”
Isabella Morris – “Bluette”
Kyne Nislev Bernstorff – “The last supper”
Naomi Nkealah – “In the name of peace”
Maik Nwosu – I”n Leopardville”
Tolu Ogunlesi – “River Falling”
Omolola Ijeoma Ogunyemi – “Area boy rescue”
Andrew Salomon – “A visit to Dr Mamba”
Alex Smith – “Soulmates”
Dineke Volschenk – “Glorious wounds”
Phillippa Yaa de Villiers – “Keeping everything the same”
Hayet Z – “Flypapered days”


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