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What is your speed?

by Eva

There is a new map being put together, that shows Minnesota’s broadband, high-speed Internet. The Map, once completed, will show where Internet service is poor or speeds are slow. I love this because you get to test your connection speed and compare your results to what your Internet Service Provider is selling you. Finally, I’ll be able to verify whether I am getting my money’s worth when it comes to Internet Service. That’s a start.

Go to MPR to read more about this or listen to the full story. Otherwise, to test your Internet speed, go to Connect Minnesota.

Although broadband Internet service here in Minnesota and in other states is becoming cheaper and more available, it is not as readily available in Africa. However, our hope is that this will rapidly change, and enhance the already ongoing efforts to reduce poverty, create jobs and improve the means of communications between African countries and their connection with the rest of the world.

In line with these hopes, NEPAD (The New Partnership for Africa’s Development) has launched what it calls a

“Broadband Infrastructure Network, [which] will connect east African countries to a communications network stretching from South Africa to Rwanda. A second broadband network will connect Lesotho, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mauritius, Namibia and Madagascar to an undersea cable running along East Africa.”

To read the entire article click here.


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