Available jobs in a tough job market

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by Nekessa

It doesn’t seem like the job market is getting any better. Just yesterday 35,000 people lost their jobs. There is little job security in almost every field. But there are jobs available, only that competition is stiff. This morning CNN reports that just two years training in the following careers, one might be onto something. All the jobs listed are considered stressful, (but well-paying) and need specialized training from community colleges. So check them out!

  • ultra sound technician
  • plumbers
  • court reporter

Also check out the U.S. Department of Labor’s job aggregate site.

The US Census ( has 1000 jobs available! HealthEast Clinic and Mayo Clinic are also hiring.

Tidbit: McDonalds is opening 1000 new restaurants… *sigh, bad economy=bad diet! (next, I should look for healthy affordable foods)

Read more about Minnesota Jobs here.

Other Resources

When I was in uni buying textbooks at the beginning of the semester was a nightmare.  So I did everything to make sure that I did not buy a brand new textbook from the unistore:,, cheapbooks, and our student textbook exchange program. And if I took a class with a friend, then we would split costs and share the book.

What are people using now?

My brother tells me he uses where chapters cost as little as $1.99. For one of his classes he is paying $7.99, and the eventual cost will be half of what the book would cost in a bookstore. Whatsmore you only buy a chapter of your textbook as needed.

Good luck job hunting!


One thought on “Available jobs in a tough job market

  1. Nekessa thanks for the employment info you keep sending out. The unemployment rate is very scary here in MN and your efforts are greatly appreciated.

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