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MLK Day and Inauguration Activities

Monday is Martin Luther King Day, and Tuesday is President-elect Obama’s inauguration! One key aspect of Obama’s ascent to presidency has been his engagement in the grassroots movement. It is with this in mind, that we have compiled a list of events across the Twin Cities.

I suppose this year’s MLK day is the unofficial National Day of Service. Watch Michelle Obama’s video here, and find a place close to your home where you can volunteer. And more here!

Monday, January 19 Events

  1. The Beloved Community
    Join the folks at The Cultural Wellness Center (8am to 10am) for food, music and discussion on MLK.
  2. Give Us Wings–Volunteer on MLK day! (10am to 4pm)
    Give Us Wings rebuilds villages and restores hope in Kenya and Uganda. Give Us Wings works together with adults and children to eradicate poverty in these communities. Through person-to-person support, both financial and educational, people overcome poverty and become self-sufficient.
  3. Education: American Dream or Public Crisis?
    Governor’s Commission on Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration.
    Ganglehof Center- Concordia University: 9:30am – 1:00pm
    Contact: 6516420811,
  4. Martin Luther King Jr. Diversity Job Fair
    9am to 3pm at the Mlps Convention Center
    Meet face-to-face with national employers recruiting for exciting career openings ranging from entry-level to senior management positions in Sales & Marketing, Management, Engineering, Finance & Accounting, Security Clearance, Retail, Information Technology, Software, Government, Education, Health Care, Media, Broadcasting, Restaurant, Entertainment, and many more.
  5. Find out about the vendors who will be there. Don’t forget your resume!

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

  1. Mshale Inauguration Dinner at Casablanca
    Read details here.
  2. Inauguration Celebration: We are One Nation
    Party at Epic.
  3. Inauguration Celebration featuring A Night in the Box and M.ANIFEST
  4. Obama Rama @ Nomad World Pub
  5. Victoria Pour’s Inauguration Party. Call for 763 560 9912 details.
  6. Commander-in Chief of all parties: Kazi  Ianze (Jan 24th)
    Blue Nile Restaurant: 9pm

One thought on “MLK Day and Inauguration Activities

  1. Come to number 3 (“Education: American Dream or Public Crisis?”). I will be unveiling a specially commisioned poem at this event!

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