Barack Obama, NOT Abraham Lincoln


Okay, maybe I’m hating. But I just have to say this and see what others feel about it. I AM GETTING HELLA SICK of all this Obama/Abraham Lincoln comparisons. Yesterday, they were talking about Obama’s first meal as president sharing some dishes with Lincoln’s. And today, to put into perspective how special the inauguration is going to be, the best Spike Lee could come up with is the fact that Obama is going to be swearing on “the same Bible Abraham Lincoln did”. I mean, duh! Other presidents did too. Your point?

I know Americans like themselves some Lincoln, and wouldn’t like anything more than to bring him back alive, but c’mon, this dude is BARACK OBAMA, not Abraham Lincoln. And without getting into some history lesson here, I think assassination salvaged Lincoln’s legacy. Dude presided over a civil war, and luckily won it (barely)…thanks to a lot of people. He may have had a good heart, but he was a politician to the core. So, no he didn’t free the slaves because he believe it was morally wrong and wanted to see the county do away with it. If so, how come he didn’t do it when he was first sworn in, before the war started, at the beginning….no, he waited until the Union was on the verge of losing and as a politician and commander in chief he hit the Confederate where he knew it would hurt the most. What better way is there to hit your enemy than to turn lose on them millions of enemy soldiers already in their midst? But I said this is not a history lesson.

Believe it or not, I don’t have any problems with Mr. Abraham Lincoln. Compared to many former US presidents, I like him the most. But c’mon, Obama is not the second coming of this man! Yeah, like him, Obama was the junior senator from Illinois…they are both good orators…. So what!? I for one is sick and tired of the references. If Obama is fanning this, I say STOP. If the media is doing it, SHUT THE HELL UP. This is history, not a repetition of it. Obama is a great man in his own right, and God willing he will be a great president in his own right.


3 thoughts on “Barack Obama, NOT Abraham Lincoln

  1. In all honesty and fairness, Obama has drawn the Lincoln inferences enough times for the media to take it up. And you know that the American media as it is doesn’t need anymore bidding than that.

  2. Oh I hear you. It’s not entirely the media running with this. Obama himself is fanning it. I mean, look at this train ride he is doing leading up to the inauguration. Straight from Lincoln’s book. C’mon, brah, you are the FIRST of your kind, do something original!

    I know, this is making a mountain out of a molehill, but damn if this molehill doesn’t have some hard biting vermines in it!

  3. Ibe, from a recent IHT book review:

    Though some critics have taken Obama to task for self-consciously italicizing parallels between himself and Lincoln, there are in fact a host of uncanny correspondences between these two former Illinois state legislators who had short stints in Congress under their belts before coming to national prominence with speeches showcasing their eloquence: two cool, self-contained men, who managed to stay calm and graceful under pressure; two stoics embracing the virtues of moderation and balance; two relatively new politicians who were initially criticized for their lack of experience and for questioning an invasion of a country that, in Lincoln’s words, was “in no way molesting, or menacing the U.S.” […] The incandescent power of Lincoln’s language, its resonance and rhythmic cadences, as well as his ability to shift gears between the magisterial and the down-to-earth, has been a model for Obama — who has said he frequently rereads Lincoln for inspiration — and so, too, have been the uses to which Lincoln put his superior language skills: to goad Americans to complete the unfinished work of the founders, and to galvanize a nation reeling from hard times with a new vision of reconciliation and hope.

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