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Huffpo’s exclusive interview with Nkunda

by Nekessa

In case you missed this: the Huffington Post ran this interview a couple of days ago.

(You can read the whole interview here. Below are excerpts for purposes of discussion here on MinneAfrica.)

Laurent Nkunda has been responsible for the death of millions of Congolese. Nkunda, you must remember has been at the forefront of civil disturbances in Congo from as far back as 1998.

He begs to differ. Like many politicians,  he blames the media for distorting the truth.

They cut my voice and they speak on my behalf. Journalists tell what they think will be sensational.

On being the leader of Congo, he sounds so spiritual. His cause is bigger than he is.

I never talk about an individual when I talk about change or about leadership. I always talk about a spirit. Because a man cannot do, but a spirit can do. If you can find leadership, leadership can change Congo, but not a leader.

And takes no responsibility for the rape of women– that weapon that is used in every war against the enemy, except this enemy is usually the women, the ones without the guns. He says that soldiers charged with rape, are punished by a firing squad. 

Nkunda says that they are not fighting for resources.

How can you fight for your own minerals? [Laughter] If this were about minerals, I would not be here.

You see minerals are being exploited by China, by Belgium, by South Africa. Petrol is under French control, uranium under American control, copper under Belgium, diamonds under Jewish, and gold under South African control.

Ahh, the Chinese. We know they are in Darfur, and in Congo.

On Obama, and ethnic cleansing. I will have to agree with Nkunda on this one, well, to a point. To label African wars as mere ethnic cleansing is really lazy, and fails to address the fight for resources that is generally the underlying cause of many of these conflicts.

He has to raise his thinking about Congo. If I could meet him one day, I would tell him that it is not a matter of ethnic conflict, it is a matter of leadership.

The world is talking about a black person in power, but Americans didn’t vote for a black man, they voted for an American showing the capacity to rule. But they are talking about a black person. No, no, it is not that. On his identity card it doesn’t say ‘black’. When the American people were voting, they voted for an American.

I am not an expert on Congo so will offer no analysis, however you can read an in-depth article on the Congo conflict on Open Democracy here.


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