Best and Worst Jobs

by Nekessa

I know three people who have lost their jobs in the last three months. All three have college degrees: one is an accountant, another an engineer and the third a systems analyst.Interestingly, these three professions rank at the top of a Wall Street Journal 200-jobs ranking.

The top 10 are:  Mathematician, Actuary, Statician, Biologist, Software Engineer, Computer Systems Analyst, Historian, Sociologist, Industrial Designer and Accountant.

The 10 worst professions, as you can see do not require a formal education, but are quite physical. These jobs are:  Lumberjack, Dairy Farmer, Taxi Driver, Seaman, Emergency Medical Technician, Roofer, Garbage Collector, Welder, Roustabout and Ironworker.

You can check out your job ranking or find openings in the best professions here.

These are definitely hard times, for everyone. Healthcare jobs have generally been considered recession-proof, however, in Minnesota, it seems Park Nicollet Health Services and North Memorial Health Care were working on laying people off.

The unemployment numbers for December should be out on Friday, so we’ll see how Minnesota faired.


3 thoughts on “Best and Worst Jobs


    Occupations in Demand

    If you are thinking about training for a new career and are wonder-ing what occupations are most in demand in Minnesota now and in the future, check the Mn State website here.

    Use this tool to look up current data regarding occupations, wages, future demand and growth, training, etc. by region in Minnesota. This tool was created by the Minnesota Dept. of Employment and Economic Development, Labor Market Information Unit (LMI). If you need assistance using the tool, contact the LMI helpdesk at 651-259-7384.

  2. Historian? Who would have thought a liberal arts major would be one of the top 10? Only if i knew this some 15 years ago.

  3. Yeamyah, thanks for the link!

    I looked at the top ranking jobs for the Twin Cities: RN (2yr degree) and other healthcare related jobs, retail: cashiers, customer service, accountants, and IT rank at the top.

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