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African leaders strongly condemn violence in Gaza.

by Nelima

As the violence in Gaza entered its 11th day, more people are speaking out against the violence which has claimed the lives of many innocent civilians. Among those condemning the violence are our beloved African leaders. 

On Dec 29th, The African Union issued this press statement on Gaza;

The Commission of the African Union (AU) is following with great concern the prevailing situation in the Gaza Strip. 
The Commission strongly condemns the ongoing air raids on the Gaza Strip by Israel, since 27 December 2008, which has resulted so far in the death of more than 300 Palestinians, while about 1,000 others, including women and children, have been injured.

From Wikipedia;

Senegalese president Abdoulaye Wade in his capacity as President-in-Office of the Organization of Islamic conference (OCI) condemned the Israeli air strikes on Gaza as “unacceptable”. The acting president of the OIC demands that Israel immediately stop the air bombardments and abstains from all attacks on the Palestinian territory.

“The South African government unequivocally and in the strongest possible terms condemns the escalation of violence on the part of Israel brought about by the launching Saturday night of a ground invasion into Gaza,” read a statement issued by the foreign affairs department after the begin of israels ground offensive.

The Sudanese government strongly condemned Israeli air raids and called on the UN Security Council and the world society to shoulder their responsibility and exert pressures on Israel to stop the aggressions and lift its blockade against the Palestinian people. The ruling National Congress Party issued a statement, denouncing that the Israeli aggressions using the American weapons has demonstrated the savagery and barbarianism of the military mechanism of Israel.

Egypt condemned the Israeli attacks, but Egypt’s foreign minister, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, said that Egypt has long warned Hamas that this would be Israel’s response should Qassam fire continue.

Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi has accused fellow Arab leaders of adopting a “cowardly” response to Israel’s deadly bombardment of Gaza, and vowed to boycott an Arab summit on the crisis called for later this week. “Peace negotiations were a failed attempt, this is our reality. As long as we are unable to be free and unable to stop the attacks and the massacres, what will you do at this convention? The best answer is to revoke what is called the Arab peace initiative.”

I would also urge them to strongly condemn the violence in their own backyards starting with Darfur, Congo, and Zimbabwe.



7 thoughts on “African leaders strongly condemn violence in Gaza.

  1. I agree. It is comical how some countries can condemn Israel who is actually defending their land when they turn a blind eye to the autrocities committed in their own countries.

  2. Funny. Senegalese president was the first one to support the renegade Guinean govt, I would be embarrased to quote him.

  3. Possum1027, u make me laugh- you say ISRAEL is “defending their land”? by murdering people in PALESTINE? Is that the same logic you had for US invasion of IRAQ which they called “Operation American Freedom”?

    ala, why is the Guinean government “renegade”?

  4. A shame indeed! Senegal’s Abdoulaye Wade is all over the place for the wrong reasons. As for Guinea, let’s just hope this isn’t dejavu!

  5. Here are some more quotes from other African leaders that I found on the web;

    “The Botswana position is that we don’t need war,” said the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Phandu Skelemani.

    For the Botswana Muslim Association (BMA), “Israel is an apartheid state” and “Israel’s occupation of Palestine is a very sad situation,” said its Deputy Chairman Bawood Khonat.

    Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has called on “civilized members of the human race” to rise up against “this holocaust that has been unleashed on the helpless Palestinians, whose lands, human dignity and right to peaceful and dignified existence in their own country are being blatantly violated with impunity.”

    President Jakaya Kikwete (TZ) has urged Palestinian and Israeli authorities to find an immediate solution to the conflict between them and halt the ongoing hostility that has so far claimed hundreds of lives.

  6. its simple really… a tribal (as in identity) mentality that defines you by who you hate; us vs them. Kenyan Muslims took to the streets a few days ago protesting Gaza, that’s all and very good. However, they have been silent on Darfur, in Congo, etc.

    Even here in the US, black people will protest when a white police officer shoots a black male, but you see little outrage when a white officer shoots a white man.

    Because in this mentality, its very easy to attribute the acts on violence on “isms”.

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