Woman files case against another woman for using voodoo to steal husband.

by Nelima

It’s been a while since  I heard a witchcraft (voodoo) story. When I do, its usually via conversation at a friend’s kitchen, a party, or on  the phone, but this time I read the story  of  Mary Nabila Muma in the Star Tribune

Over the past several years, Muma has spent thousands of dollars on her wandering ex-husband. She said he claims not to know her now because he is under the love spell of another woman. Muma, a devoutly religious woman, said she prayed for an answer. God told her to seek justice in court.

So Muma now prays that a federal judge will come to her rescue. What, exactly, can a judge do in her case? For starters, she said, the judge could deport the other woman to Cameroon. Then the judge could put her ex-husband in jail. 

“I am ready for him to go to jail,” Muma said. “Then this girl will stop the voodoo and he can come back to normal.” 

“As soon as we arrived in America, my husband changed suddenly from a kind, loving man to a very loud, verbally abusive man … God helped me realize that my husband had changed because of Voodoo from Gladys and that was the reason why my marriage failed.”

Muma and her husband, Marcellus, were teenage sweethearts and when Muma came here she helped her husband move to the US ultimately helped him launch his career as a nurse. She is an intensive care nurse. They divorced in 2006 and Marcellus married Gladys, with home he lives with in Maryland. Read entire story here.


2 thoughts on “Woman files case against another woman for using voodoo to steal husband.

  1. My best suggestion for the MN courts on this one would be to contact any one of the 2 former Cameroonian justices residing in Minnesota. (Of course, that is if they need any help figuring this one out).

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