Socialites: Ghana’s Elections Ruining the Holidays

from MaizeBreak

Tema – Ghana is in the throes of trying to figure out which of its two major political parties will rule the country for the next four (or most likely, eight) years. As this tiny West African country decides by ballot which party will squander her natural resources, a bigger and unforeseen problem is brewing beneath the surface.

Socialites have been unable to effectively entertain their guests from abroad.

“NDC is a party for the uneducated and unrefined Ghanaian,” says Nana Afua, a resident of East Legon. “In essence, they are all kubolor boys. Since the majority of the country falls into this category, it is only natural that they would win the election.”

Nana Afua is the daughter of a contractor and has studied finance at London’s School of Economics. She admits that she only lives in Ghana because the standard of living is far superior to London’s “if you can afford it”.

“Nothing in Ghana is going to change, regardless of who wins,” she explains. “My family did well under both (P)NDC and NPP because we don’t really rely on the government for our livelihood, unlike these leeching cabinet ministers in parliament.”

Nana, and other socialites like her who come from enterprising families are more concerned about what the political climate has meant to them this Christmas.

“It’s totally ruined the party scene!” complains Anita Adamaley. “I wanted to take my cousins into Accra to club and have a few drinks, but these NDC supporters started pouring into the streets last night on the assumption that their party had won.”

That’s all well and good, says Adamaley, but it’s unfair to the rest of the country.  NDC supporters are notorious bullies and gropers, and that can ruin any girls’ mood for the night.

Many socialites are willing to let the country go to @#!%, under NDC’s rule, as long as they don’t ruin any more holidays. Some things, they tell us, are just more important than who’s pretending to run the country.

“Everyone knows they are going to start a coup if they don’t win,” explains Nana Afua, as she fussed with her Chanel hand bag. “And nothing puts a damper on Christmas like gunfire and dead bodies.”


4 thoughts on “Socialites: Ghana’s Elections Ruining the Holidays

  1. This is a very biased and insulting article. As a Ghanaian who is educated and pleased that the NDC won the elections, I’m insulted by the statement that all NDC supporters are uneducated and unrefined. In addition, I do not see the importance of interviewing socialites, who of their own admission could care less of our country! If they want a great holiday, what the hell, go out of the country. As for why the supporters poured out into the streets, the media is mostly to blame for “projecting” the winner before the Electoral Commissioner did.

  2. I should have added a disclaimer about Maize Break. It’s a website on African news with a satirical twist. Kinda like The Onion for African News. Read their about page and you’ll take a ‘Maize Break’.

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