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Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Okay, today I’m writing like I got A.D.D. First I was writing about the future of life here on earth. (Yeah, I know, what the heck!), then Bob Marley pulled my attention to another piece. And just as I move to my third paragraph on that, I got a phone call from someone telling me she got my number from some lady I did some Obama campaign event with. I did a lot of Obama campaign events with a lot of people. Needless to say, I have no idea who she is talking about. But I encouraged her to go ahead. She started first by telling me she used to work as a nurse, and now she is doing that only on an on-call basis. Why? Because she has this home business that is making her a bundle! And by the way, it is endorsed by Donald Trump! I was like oh, oh, I heard this before. Matter of fact, I heard this just last night. But I let her continue.

She continues to tell me about some residual income I can have coming to my mailbox for doing nothing…but signing people up for services they are already consuming anyway. I was like, okay, this sounds very familiar. I cut her short. “Are you talking about ACN?” Yes, she says, a little surprised. “That’s funny” I say, “Just last night somebody was at my house giving me a presentation on the same program. (I’m trying my hardest not to call it a scheme.)

ACN is American Communication Network and they “sell” video phones, LAN and wireless phone services, satellite TV, etc. Even if you already have a wireless service with one of the major providers, you can switch to ACN without as much as a hiccup in your service or the cost. Basically, you’d continue to get your service as you already do. They already got a deal worked out with this providers to allow this to happen!

The Basic Idea:You sign up and become an ACN “team member”. Then you get kickbacks for switching or signing up for any of the services they offer. But more importantly, you sign other people up. That is where the money starts coming in. You can still make momney by selling the services, but signing people up as team member is really when the dough starts to flow like the river Nile! You sign up at least two other people, and the more people they sign up, the more services they and those they sign up buy…cashin’! cashin’!, more money! more money! Depending on how many people you have on your “team”, you could make as much as $100,000 a month!

WOW, right? You better think again.

Issue No. 1:Experience has taught me that if it is that good, people don’t usually sell it to you. If they don’t lock it is a safe, you can bet your life they are not going to serve it to you a silver platter. It’s the same issue I have with those get-rich-quick informacials they have on late night and Sunday TV. But hey, they got an answer for this skepticism: It’s about spreading the wealth; when you sign people up, they make money, and you make more money!

Issue No. 2: Capitalism taught me for-profit organizations are not in business to give money away. ACN is not a philanthropic organization; they don’t just send money to your mailbox. At best you get a percentage of the money they make from all those people you sign or sell to. Oh, by the way, to become a member you pay a “one time” membership fee of $499. Even with that, how much do you really have to sell, and how many people you have to sign up for you to get anything meaningful, let alone make all that they promise? This guy is telling me about expensive cars and vacation that are waiting for me and my loved ones just by participating in the program.

My conclusion? The presented results are very atypical, if at all possible.

Issue No. 3, the African Connection: Over the years, I’ve had many of these same programs pitched to me. (I got to check in a mirror, I might have something on my forehead.) Just this summer I had a pitch about Quixtar. It’s the same plan, except they sell household products. Matter of fact I plan on doing some research to see if ACN is another “company” under the Amway umbrella. Anyway, my worry about ACN is the African connection. The lady that called me this afternoon tells me she is from Kenya. In addition to members of her family already on board, she tells me about other Africans making “loads of money” doing this. The two guys from last night, one is my friend and he is from Uganda, his partner is from Liberia. They told me apparently it’s all the rave in the Somali community. What’s going on? Has this organization found a gold mine of gullible individuals in the African immigrant community? My antennas are up. I’m listening.

Let me know if you have similar stories. For the investigative journalists amongst us, this may be something worth looking into. In these hard economic times, I will hate to see my people lose their time and money following another rabbit hole in their never ending chase after the illusive American dream.

Or maybe I’m missing on a great opportunity of a life time. Either way, please enlighten me


4 thoughts on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

  1. Ibe!! Tell me about it, it is a pyramid scheme, there is no doubt it. So many times people have tried to recruit me, and my tough questions have made sure they never call me back.

  2. I had a guy pitch it too me and according to him since i was so smart, its pretty much guaranteed money, i fipped the script and told him if he is so confident that it’s easy money, he should front me the starting fee, and told him i would pay him back double. That’s when he packed up his shit and left.

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