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film anthropist project (screening today)

In the spring filmmakers in Minnesota were challenged to create 3 to 5 minute long films on philanthropic projects around the state.  The film anthropist project recognizes that there are hundreds of people in the state doing small and big things to make their communities better. And they will never make it to network news, well, because they are NOT big enough. Not anymore!You can read about the films that will be featured here.

PS. Challenge to MinneAfricans: Will you submit a short film(s) next year?

My sincere apologies for not writing about this earlier.  I had completely forgotten about it until I got an alert on my google calendar this morning.  Try and make it if you can, its only a couple of hours long, and its FREE! (well, if you could please bring along canned food for donations.)

Event Details:

filmanthropist project screening

Sunday, December 14, 2008 3pm to 5pm

Riverview Theater, Minneapolis

FREE/or canned food donation


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