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O.J. Simpson gets 15 years to Life

They are celebrating, WE FINALLY GOT HIM!!! And I’m just mad. Not because he was found guilty. He is Guilty! Not because he was dealt such a harsh sentence. He deserves it! I’m mad because I can’t believe he could be so stupid! How dumb do you have to be? You got the whole system out to get you, and you give them the rope to lynch your black ass? How dumb do you have to be? Your name is O.J. Simpson and you think you can walk into some hotel room with a gun? C’mon!!  Even I know better. And trust me I’ve done my share of dumb things in life.

This was no sentencing for the event that took place in Vegas. This sentence had an eye to the back, as in back in 1994 in Los Angeles. I heard even the Goldman’s were in the courtroom, and admitted to feeling “very satisfied” with the sentence. It’s as if O.J. was found guilty for the killing of their son.

I’m not saying OJ was innocent of the 1994 killing of his ex.wife and her “friend”. Keep in mind the verdict was “Not Guilty”. Not Guilty is not the same as innocent mind you. Maybe he did it. Maybe he didn’t. Regardless, he and Johnny Cochran got one up on the system that is notorious for sending innocent (mostly Black) people to prison, sometime even to their execution. I personally think it doesn’t matter whether you think he was guilty or innocent, if you are outraged at how the judicial system works (or doesn’t work for that matter) in this country, that is reason to celebrate. And to have this idiot squanter that small victory is…maddening as hell! He should have known better. He should have poked his tongue at this system by quietly living his life albeit to the fullest…away from their reaching arms. Was that so hard to do? Keep your nose clean, avoid compromising situations, and give them no reason whatsoever to retro-punish your ass. Don’t even drive a mile above the speed limit, let alone smoke a cigarette and drive. Even if you think you were right, don’t give them a reason to “judge” you. In other words, even if you knew your stolen property was behind the doors to a hotel room, you don’t kick down that door and run up in there waving a gun screaming like you lost your mind. “Get it! Get it! Get it.” Now they got you! stupid.

I’m mad it had to go down like this. But I’m glad he is going to prison for what could possibly be the rest of his life. Don’t nobody want to be rooting for a gambler who doesn’t know to get up from the table when he is ahead.


5 thoughts on “O.J. Simpson gets 15 years to Life

  1. This was not justice done. Like u said in your piece this was a verdict for a crime we don’t know whether he did or not back in 1990’s. And for the justice system here, that is not correct.
    The man was definitely wrong in acting the way he did to collect his things back. But then at the same time everything they say supposedly happen I have a question mark in it. I think the man was set up by those he was suppose to get his things back from. First of all why were they video taping the session, unless you knew something was going to happen, if not by you but by the people coming to collect from you. And if you knew problem would happen, why did you stay and then watch, tape the event happen, and later to sell it to the highest bidder, to better yourself and proclaim a crime was committed. BS!!
    I feel sorry for the man, OJ, and at the same time he should have been covering himself, for he knew people were after him.
    My piece. Peace

  2. I couldn’t agree more OJ should have been smarter. He will now realize the value of freedom a lil’ too late.

  3. I got no time for dumb black people!! O J is one of them. And that fool too who shot himself in the leg, is another one! To OJ and Burress, who’s the gangsta now???

  4. @A, I wonder too. Especially counting the fact that this same guy had tried to set him up in a porn video before too.
    But the more reason OJ should have been smarter. It was most likely a set-up, but OJ should have know better. After 1995 OJ needed to be TWICE as smarter as the average person to avoid the landmine we was walking through. Unfortunately it turns out, he is not even HALF as smart as the dumbest amongst us.

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