Funny/Interesting Developments in Kenya!

I can’t cope with new status, says Obama’s granny.

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By George Olwenya and John Oywa
With only a month to the inauguration of her grandson as America’s 44th President, Mama Sarah Obama has become more than a celebrity.

The American and Kenyan governments have taken full charge of her security with the number of guests visiting her home in Alego Kogelo, Siaya, increasing tenfold since the US election on November 4.

Her movements have been restricted for security reasons and the two governments are monitoring every move at her home as the clock tick’s to January 20 — the day President-elect Barack Obama takes over as the President of the world’s most powerful country.

“She is now a VIP and must be treated as so. We do not want to leave anything to chance,” said a senior police officer at the Nyanza Provincial headquarters.

Sarah’s home, once just like any other in the village, is now teeming with visitors and trappings of power. She now has electricity — which took the Government only a week to install, a fence, a metal gate and a police post.

Mama Sarah Obama

A visitor’s book at the gate and another outside her home reveal the huge number of personalities and organised groups visiting the home.

Some bring with them gifts which include goats and material for clothes.

The Government is now drilling a well at the home. Kogelo Market, once a sleepy outpost, is now competing with many urban centres in the province.

Mama Sarah, 87, has received close to 5,000 visitors since Barack Obama’s historic election as the America’s first black President.

The daily arrival of visitors at her home averages between 300 to 500 guests per day, all of whom she has to greet and speak to.

The Standard confirmed that the US Embassy in Nairobi is briefed on the situation at the home on a daily basis.

Since the victory, Kogelo and particularly Mama Sarah’s home has been turned into a tourist attraction as visitors from far and wide throng to see the village that produced a man who re-wrote the history of the world’s super power.

The ever jovial grandmother has been complaining of a bad knee, yet she has to keep up with a busy schedule.

She has shaken hands with hundreds of thousands of people, posed for pictures with hundreds of dignitaries and fielded questions from countless number of journalists across the globe.

“This visitors are many and I do not even have the time to go to my kitchen to cook as I use to do,” says Mama Sarah.

The grand mother said “Gibiro motamo wan’ga” (they have overwhelmed me) adding that she has not seen such a scenario before.

A chat with mama Sarah behind her main house did not take even five minutes as a security detail attached to her appeared “when I see you I know the visitors want me,” she told the policewoman.


6 thoughts on “Funny/Interesting Developments in Kenya!

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  2. Oh mama Sarah…our dear ol’ma. Listens Africans: what do our elders and parents always tell us? “Go to school, Education is the best”. I’m sure she told her son Obama Sr. who probably told little Barack the same thing on the few occasions that he even saw the little boy. Ol’ma Sarah probably told young adult Barack the same thing when he first went to see her in Kenya. Well, da guy got his education and that helped to get him where he is NOW. Yes, I know she is overwhelmed, but isn’t this what our elders pray for…our success because we got our (Western) education? I wonder what the other villagers are thinking of famous Mama Sarah.

  3. If this is true, I’m amazed at how fast things happened. Electricity? Water? Fence? Gate? in a matter of weeks? What, in Africa? So we CAN solve our problems. All we need is the right motivation. Look Obama is not even president yet, and he is doing wonders for the continent!

  4. I tell you, Ibe. I almost died laughing when I read about the Water, Electricity and the fence. Les Africains, I swear!!

  5. Flora and why would that be upsetting to me as a kenyan????? She, the grandmother has direct connection to the man. You are thinking just like the kenyans who are thinking that we ought to benefit as a country to his being elected, that is not being realistic. As for me and the kenyan in me am proud that Martin Luther’s dream and all those other civil rights advocates efforts have been realised in my life time.The fact that it is through a man who has kenyan roots in him makes it all sweeter for me.

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