16 Days: My Activism Against Gender Violence

Domestic violence– one of those things that is universal, but not right. Anyway, read the article posted below, and do your part. For immigrants, this issue is particularly sore, as the perpetrators use the woman’s legal status to keep her quiet. And many times, they use her ignorance of American laws to keep her quiet. So watch out for the signs: he is controlling, and he isolates her.

what are you doing to stop domestic violence

Resources in Minnesota

  1. MAWA (Minnesota African Women Association) was actually started on this very premise– to provide resources for battered African immigrant women.
  2. aardvarc (An abuse, Rape and Domestic Violence Aid and Resource Collection)– provides a list of services and resources in your neighborhood.

Here’s an interesting article:

I have written about gender violence before, and I am afraid I might sound like a broken record. The problem is this issue still persists.

And I am a little frustrated that I have to keep writing about it. But we all know that all over the world there are men using violence to keep their women “in check”. Every corner of the globe, there is a man hitting his woman. We know that the problem is worst on our continent.



2 thoughts on “16 Days: My Activism Against Gender Violence

  1. Funny how no one has posted a comment. Hmmmm I guess its still a non-issue in the African comunity. When do the 16 days end?

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