Brian Coyle Community Center food shelves lay bare.

In today’s Minnesota Daily there’s an article talking about the diminishing stock of food at the Brian Coyle Center’s metal food shelves. The only thing that’s worse than the dwindling food and money contributions is the increasing demand.

Since July, when Becky Burand took over responsibility for the Brian Coyle food shelf, she’s seen monthly increases in demand.

“September was something like 300 people, October was 400,” she said. “We are seeing two or three new families every day.”

“It’s mostly middle-class people who donate, it’s not the people with tons of money who are giving money to food shelves.” she said. “It’s also the middle class that’s really suffering right now.”

I know the economy is bad and money is tight, but a donation at the Brian Coyle Center would go a long way for the families in need. As most of you know, Brian Coyle serves mainly the Somali community over in the Cedar-Riverside area. Food donations can be dropped off at the center during their business hours as can money donations. Money donations can be mailed in too. For more information contact Becky Burand, who is the basic needs coordinator at (612)876-9324 or by email .



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