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A Poetic Invitation

Hey folks, I have couple of events I would to invite all my MinneAfricans to.

Saturday December 6, 2008
The Cultural Wellness Center is hosting a book release and signing for me. I will be sharing the stage with the renowed poet and performer, Louis Alemaheyu of Ancestors Energy. The setting will be poetic conversations framed around the idea of what it means to be Black here and today. Louis sums it up in a series of questions: “explore African Identity in the context of here and now; what we see and feel when we look toward home?  What is home now to us?  Relationships/Connections between people of African descent; What goals or dreams should we have together?  What questions come up when you think about our public encounter?  What is important to explore right now?  What does it mean to have a Black family in the White House?”
Come add your voice to the conversation and hear me read from my book, “Bridge Across Atlantic”
Cultural Wellness Center
1527 East Lake Street, Minneapolis MN
December 6, 2008 5pm to 730 pm

Then later walk with me to SouLs on disPlay Open Mic and get on the mic.
Selam Coffee Shop
3860 Minnehaha Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55417
8pm to 10pm

These and other IBe happenings are always on Atlanticrock.com


4 thoughts on “A Poetic Invitation

  1. Congrats Ibe, hopefully I’ll make it on Saturday too. Also I’ll make sure to check your website for TC happenings so that I can add them to our weekly TGIF list.

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  3. Ibe, CONGRATULATIONS on the new book, you’ve come far, na bado (kenyanese for -‘and more to come’)!!!!

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