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Al Qaeda cells in Minnesota?

by Nelima

Just wanted to share this with y’all. I happened to catch it on the KSTP news last night. I kinda wish mainstream media would talk to other/more sources instead of Omar Jamal. He’s the same dude that submitted a video claiming that Somali translators were trying to influence the senatorial vote at Brian Coyle Center, but many Somali’s who watched the video say there was nothing said in that video that proved so. I’m not discrediting the information, but I just wish the media would conduct a more in depth research.


Feds investigating Twin Cities terrorist network


Forty young Somali men from the Twin Cities are missing and federal investigators believe they may be back in Somalia training as terrorists.

“We have active Al Qaeda cells recruiting these people,” said Omar Jamal with the Somali Justice Advocacy Center.

Federal law enforcement sources told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS they believe Shirwa Ahmed, from Minneapolis, was a suicide bomber who blew himself up during an attack in northern Somali last month. They also believe he was a recruiter in the Twin Cities for a terrorist network.

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS talked to Ahmed’s family. They said they have not heard from him in weeks.

“The bottom line is there are people who are recruiting here, kids who are being brainwashed to go back there and blow themselves up. That is the bottom line to this story,” explained Jamal.

CIA Director Michael Hayden acknowledges a growing tie between Al Qaeda and Somali terrorist groups. Federal investigators believe these missing men are training for terrorist attacks overseas, but can’t be sure they won’t return the Twin Cities someday to carry out an attack.


7 thoughts on “Al Qaeda cells in Minnesota?

  1. I feel you on Omar Jamal, I saw the news last night was wondering why the mainstream media have anointed him as the Somali spokesman. I’m not Somali, but I would be upset at the lack of effort to get a good story from the Somali community. Doesn’t make for newsworthy material I say.

  2. Flora/Nelima. Omar Jamal is a self appointed Somali advocate. Dude, literally stumbles on the media. He says controversial things that the media wants to hear.

    Omar Jamal is a clannish son of a gun. This story is hogwash, and so was the other one about election and all his stories are as such. He has always been this way,he thrives on hubris. He is a joke.

  3. Omer jamal??..this dude don’t speak for us…don’t believe the hype…he aint even worth blogin about…

  4. The media has gone silent, did they figure out that Omar Jamal’s story was a hoax. I did some asking around and heard that Omar Jamal came up with the story because he is trying to pin something of one of his ‘enemies’. I hear he is a close relative of the current PM of Somalia and this ‘enemy’ of his is from a rival clan. Is this Somali politics playing out in Minnesota?

  5. I am not sure why he is doing this, It seems he is the main source of all these accusations and a darling of the Minnesota media in terms of issues that concern Somali community in the Twin Cities. He must be doing this for a reason and people in the community are surprised about his constant “snitching” and unhealthy obsession to controversial stuff.

    This is bad for the Somalis and it’s attracting the attention of all these “right wing racist” Fox news folks. I read so many blogs fuming with hate and total condemnation and generalization of the whole community.

    His connections to the warlord government back home is one thing and no one is scared of that but people are kind surprised why he is such controversial person and who appointed him to be the spokesperson of a community that is not monolithic in terms of views and affiliations.

    His involvement in the election case and now this Somali youth being sent home are very serious matters that one should approach with care and sensitivity if they can’t totally disassociate themselves of the whole thing.

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