Alan Keyes wants Obama’s Birth Certificate: Now!


Conservative Alan Keyes-who ran against President-elect Barack Obama in the 2004 race for the Illinois Senate

Conservative Alan Keyes-who ran against President-elect Barack Obama in the 2004 race for the Illinois Senate

by Nekessa

You probably heard the rumors during the presidential campaign– that President-Elect Barack Obama is not really an American citizen, but was born in Kenya. These rumors have been doing the rounds in the right-wing blogsphere and radio airwaves. Currently, there are three lawsuits challenging Obama’s citizenship. And several online petitions.

Perhaps the most interesting of the lawsuits is the one by Alan Keyes. Keyes filed a lawsuit against Obama, the California secretary of state, and others, to stop California from giving its electoral votes to Obama until a birth certificate is produced proving that he is indeed a natural born citizen.

He recently had an interview with Essence where he pled his case.

On how/why Obama is not a citizen Keyes had this to say:

The reason an issue has been raised about Obama is because of the simple question, which can be answered with a birth certificate that shows he was born in the United States, or born to parents who had the capacity to transmit U.S. citizenship. When the question was asked, he danced around it.

On the fact that Obama did respond to these allegations by creating a website:

A lot of questions have been raised about what they posted. It has to be established by a matter of fact, not by some Web site.

It gets more interesting. There is nosomething wrong with the birth cert on the website, Keyes says.

Part of the problem is, at the time he was born, the state of Hawaii was issuing certificates of live birth. That’s what he has on the Web site. They would issue that certificate verifying you were born, but not necessarily in the United States. And there is question that, at the time that he was born, his mother was not yet of age to transmit citizenship. You had to be 19, I think. If he was born in Hawaii, then he is a natural born citizen. If he was born somewhere else-and a question has been raised if his birth was in Kenya-then his mother would not have transmitted citizenship. One needs to verify that the certificate verifies the birthplace.

How about state officials who have confirmed that Obama’s birth cert is valid? Are they lying? He rambles on about how it is the responsibility of the Supreme Court to determine this. Afterall, Obama’s job is the highest office of the land.

Later in the interview, he says that he is actually doing Obama a favor! Obama does not need to live with this burden of running the country when he is not a citizen.

I don’t see how it is showing fondness for Barack Obama to let him enter into office with a question that could be raised. He should not have to operate under that burden. I think the officials need to clear the air for his sake. From my point of view, it is a bad idea to have a president of the United States enter office with a cloud hanging over his head, where every time he tries to do something, he would end up frittering away time because of that objection. So let’s get it over with. Let’s resolve it and move forward with a clear an undisturbed mandate for the new president.

Don’t get mad at Keyes, just laugh. He cannot be serious. Read the interview in its entirety here.


15 thoughts on “Alan Keyes wants Obama’s Birth Certificate: Now!

  1. The Supreme Court CANNOT DUCK Obama’s Birth Certificate Constitutional Crisis (albeit the media blackout on the issue). The messiah will NOT become President! This 90-minute blogradio program explains why:


  2. I feel so..so.sorry for you guys. That’s because nothing Mr. keye’s says is worth a debate by anybody that claims even the lowest level of civic engagement. Remember the NBC show: Allen Keye’s is making sense; it took management way too long to figure out what adummy they’d hired…and I was so glad they showed him the door.

  3. Allen Keys is a clown! He is one of those people that will do or say anything to pull the TV lenses toward him.

    But if there is nothing to hide (I think there is nothing) why not show them the damn certificate and get it over with already?

  4. Dang! The you tube clip of Keyes doesn’t exist anymore – can’t even find it on you tube. I guess he had it purged.

  5. May i say this?

    “wow wow wow, iz veri nyyyyze”(:D) *grinning ear to ear* i say again, “itz bverri bverrri nyyyyze” 🙂 🙂

    Nelimak,hows that for a borat impression?

  6. If you don’t believe the facts about Obama not being a citizen, then you’re an idiot. If it was true that he was legally able to be President than why has he used tons of money to legally block every attempt to clarify this issue. Transparency- BS! Just the same old Chicago politics…corrupt as hell.

  7. Eat your potatoes Mr. Logic. The man is president and ain’t nothing you can do about it till the next election. In the meantime do your civic duty. Go to work, pay your taxes and don’t leave your dog’s poop in the park.

  8. Why is it so hard for the Black community to except that Obama is for Kenya.
    And was not born in Hawaii like he says he was, any as President that privcy issue does not apply here he must prove that he was born here by produce the origanal copy of his Birth Cerificate. If he really had nothing to hide he would show it in a heart beat and that he has not done.

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