Stopping Somali Youth Violence

A few days ago, Somali youth, community leaders and law enforcement met in Minneapolis to discuss avenues to address the escalating violence in the Somali community. As you might know, in the last year, 10 young Somali have lost their lives in a series of what many think are gang-related shootings.

Highlights of this meeting:

The launch of Project Salaam:

Project Salaam will be on-going forum which will open communication lines between the Somali community and the youth.” He said the forum will be youth-centered and will focus on: school/college awareness, mentoring and support, and talking to them about the vices such as involvement in gangs and drugs and how that could impact on their lives.

Blame the men-folk?

Another man who gave his name as Yussuf said that Somali parents, especially male parents, are the root cause of the current problems. He said, in Somali, “Somali men leave home in the morning and spend the entire day drinking coffee and talking politics at the coffee shops.” He said they have no idea whether their children went to school or not, or if the homework they were given is finished.

Read Abdifatah Shafat’s full report here


One thought on “Stopping Somali Youth Violence

  1. I think this a very serious issue coz if any African does something it’s always Africans to be blamed.Don’t know what happened that Somalians have been separated from Africa on the bad things from their community.
    Don’t know much about the somali society,the only advise from me is the root cause of the problem should be found to solve the problem(You can’t climb a tree from the top).

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