Former TV intern Jennifer Anato-Mensah causes chaos after being fired.

by Nelima

Just stumbled upon this story from WCCO. Wow! If anyone knows Ms. Anato-Mensah, please ask her to share her side of the story. It reads that she went crazy after being fired, but I’m thinking the only way someone could erupt like this if they’d been had been pushed to the edge. You know like if you had a boss that was constantly witch hunting you, because you weren’t getting along. I’m not supporting what she did, but I have to wonder how things got to this point? Jenny please share. 


Former TV Intern Causes Trouble After Firing

 A former intern at KSTP-TV faces criminal charges after she allegedly went on a tirade when she was fired. 

Jennifer Anato-Mensah allegedly yelled obscenities, chased an executive producer, and smashed a window in the newsroom. She’s charged with misdemeanor criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct. 

Danielle Prenevost is an executive producer of KSTP’s early evening newscasts. She says the intern did not understand the concepts of a TV newsroom and that she told Anato-Mensah she didn’t have enough experience. 

At that point, Prenevost says, Anato-Mensah “just lost it.” 

The criminal complaint says that on Oct. 13, the 21-year-old began yelling at Prenevost saying she would “mess you up.” It says Prenevost tried to walk away, and the intern chased her, eventually kicking out a window in a conference room door as she tried to get in. 

Anato-Mensah is a student at the University of Minnesota. She did not return a message left by The Associated Press.


42 thoughts on “Former TV intern Jennifer Anato-Mensah causes chaos after being fired.

  1. I don’t trust the validity of this damn story! With a name like Prenevost, what do you expect? The b*** is lying!

  2. Its funny but every single person I’ve told this story sympathizes with Jenny. I guess she did what so many people have thought of doing before.

  3. So sad it had to get to that point. As a general rule, beating things (or people) isnt a means to an end. The fairest thing would be to hear her end of the story.

  4. the prenevosts of the world do not realise that their unwillingness to understand other peoples’ approach can ruin livelihoods in the numbers. See now, that girl has trhe whole village relying on her to make certain things happen based on that income,,she has set goals for herself dependent pn that cash flow and you’re just gonna get up one day bcos you had a bad week and say “you’re fired!!!” she saw her whole life flash before her eyes. What ever happened to ” Ms Mensah, we have noticed that your performance is lagging , so in the next month if you don’t meet the standards we’ll have to let you go” that way in the next month if she’s still not up to snuff,,or knows she can’t do it she at least is not shocked and has time to make other plans. just an uneducated suggestion cos I relly know nothing of the situation

  5. Dear Jennifer,
    You are my hero! You did what I only wish I had the guts to do after I was fired this July. I’d put in 3 years of hard work – slaving away days and nights, sometimes working over 16hours in a day (which I just found out is illegal). I was the first and third shift. It took a new insecure supervisor 6 months to get me out of the place. He was insecure because I knew more than he did and was to train him on everything. We had an ego clash and one of my peers told me to suck up to him, which I refused to do. He was in good books with the General Manager and I think it worked in his favor that he is a white male and I am an African woman. In 6 months I went from being an exemplary, hardworking employer to one whose job was all of a sudden unsatisfactory. Case in point; my last review as of March this year, I was graded a 4/5 perhaps because my former supervisor who is now in a different department did most of the review. Now I am jobless and the unemployment stats are not encouraging. I am supporting my mom and brother, which is hard to do on an unemployment check. Oh did I mention that the company is challenging the fact that I am receiving unemployment? This has me so worried and sleepless nights (its 3am as I type this) are now routine. And to think this is supposedly the land of milk and honey – I guess as long as you suck up to white folk? I guess. If only I had your guts ….. you are my hero …. Jennifer ….. you are .

  6. wow, this is crazy!! You don’t know how many times I have almost lost my cool at my office. Perhaps all foreigners go through this, but I really hate it when my supervisor talks down to me. I don’t mean to be elitist, but I have a Masters, and all she has is a high school diploma. Can you believe I was asked to take language classes? Look at my writing? Does it look like I need to take an ESL class? WOw…. nothing wrong with that… But sometimes people just lose it…. and I suppose Jenny the Ghanian got to that point.

    @Flora above, I don’t think she has ruined her chances. She is likely to get a job with independent media because most of them know that mainstream media is full of crock… they are all about making all their staffers have one identity, be one person…. . And she def has character, and that right there is a career in media.

    Keep on going, my sister!

  7. Yes Nekessa we are working on it.

    So many great responses here. Ntang I agree with you. Look at the touching response from Jennifer’s #1 fan. The more I think about this story the odder it seems. Why was she taken in as an intern then told she was not experienced. Aren’t interns supposed to be training on the job? There’s more to this story than what’s been said.

  8. @ Jennifer’s #1 fan, life can really be unfair sometimes especially here in America (for foreigners). Like Souffle said ‘beating things or people isnt a means to an end’ and I am glad you didn’t do something as foolish despite the urge to do so. Keep your head up, you will get a job. MinneAfrica how about that job link page? 🙂

    @ MinneAfrican in Minneapolis sorry to burst your bubble, but independent media is NOT a ‘REAL’ job (at least for now). Unless you are the top dog, a job in independent media will NOT afford you a decent lifestyle. I do appreciate the diversity that independent media has brought, but mainstream media with all its ‘crock’ is where the money’s at. Jennifer I understand your frustration, but that was not a wise career move.

  9. Dayum, she snapped! That’s a warrior right thurr! See we need more Africans like this so that we get respect. Africans are always so humble and that needs to STOP!

  10. Since you no find work in America come home na fight for de Army paa. I give you commander-in-chief 🙂

  11. I don’t know about this oh, Charle, you shouldn’t have gone off and start punching and kicking things. Dande nor do nathing but make thing dem go from the frying pot to the fire. Look, now you get police na you case.

    Anyway, we got to know how to operate in this system. This system doesn’t reward anyone for losing their cool at the job. No matter the reason. All losing your cool gets you is the instant gratification, like drinking too much; the next morning you always regret it. Especially when you are Black in America. They expect you to lose your cool. They fear you. And no matter what you think about fear, it gets you nothing but distance between you and those you need. Why do you think Obama never let them get under his skin?

    I think what sista should have done was gather her things, and carefully walked out of there. Then map out her next more. MN is an at-willl employment state, so employers can let you go for any reason…as long as the reason is not protected under the Equal Employee right. So if sista thought her firing was illegal, then she should have followed the proper course and sue their a$$.

    As far as getting fired, it’s the risk in working for someone else. We should all expect it. No matter how nice you have it work, you don’t have tenure. If you want that, get your Ph.D and go be a professor.

    Jennifer #1 fan, I feel your pain, but it is what it is. If you don’t play the game, you pay the price. I’m not suggesting we sell our soul, but sometime you got to play to your boss’ ego.

  12. Oh my dear Jennifer, na why u go do like so? Anyway, its a good change from the typical Ghanaian response to such things. Oh, Im fired? Well, Barbara (boss) I’d still love to be a part of your baby shower, and I’ll bring you coffee from time to time, not the work coffee, some Starbucks. Way to break the stereotype. We need to show some pride in the face of blatant discrimination. But breaking the window; OH CHALEY!!!!!

  13. Well Ibe, after reading all you wrote, your disclaimer doesn’t hold. It seems to me that you’re in essence advocating that we sell our souls! Honestly!

    @ Flora, I see maintaining a job is all that matters to you! Good There is no part in your post that suggested you even cared to know the details…real black & white thinking right there.

  14. Better love this girl. She’s gutsy enough to pull a stunt that most of us can only dream of. I f the boss was what I think she is; quote ‘bully’; she definitely met her match.

  15. Ibe/&Koffi. one word: Nahu kosam?(sp).

    Nelima/Sankara & the rest of the sympathisers. Charle,this is what i call Mshamba(Shagsmodo?) in swahili,meaniing bushman .

    You dont act like that..especially if you have a future in the industry. If she was some big shot,yes,but you are mere measly intern.

    I am sure someone will find her ferocity and toughness an asset. Perhaps, Perhaps. Goodluck Jen. 🙂

  16. Northernkenya, enough with the BS and sugar-coating, just come out and say it plain:
    you think she should take s**t just because she’s black and African and should be grateful that these people even gave her the job in the first place.

    You and Flora are still of the perception/impression that we need to just put on that sheepish-negro smile and walk around the place, because we’re trying just to get by.
    There’s nothing about MERIT in your arguments! You think she should go a become the floor mat at that company because they’re probably taking a chance on her!

  17. Lol@Sugarcoating. & i think she should be a mat or such. I didnt say such a thing. I just think she should have taken other civil measures.

    If Someone is harrassed, intimidated & or demeanded at the work place, they should contact HUMAN resources. It is as simple as that charlee. I am sure Kstp,just like most companies do have policies that adress these things. You dont resolve to “violence”(verbal/physical or otherwise).

    Now,we are all human. Sometimes we do and act out reflex. Perhaps, Jen did indeed get harrased and or intimidated. I get that. You believe she did the right thing by resorting to “violence”(note the qoutes). I dont. I believe she should have resolved her grievances with her management, superiors and relevant authorities. At least that is how i should have done it, if i were sane . Sometimes, we are not. She should live with the consequences.

    Pass my regards to Jen and i wish her the best. Jen,if you are reading this Charlee, i will still

  18. Lol! Northernkenyan, tell me this, how many times have felt like you were receiving poor (unjust) treatment at work, just because of “who” you are?
    How many of those instances do you have documentation on? How many times have you actually felt “satisfied” after talking to Human Resources? Don’t you actually emerge from the HR department feeling more confused than you first went in?

    As humans, especially Africans, we endure too much and let some issues that would make a Westerner explode, slide. We let them slide most of the time just because we’re a peaceful and misunderstood people and also because the odds are stacked against us (all the time, even in our own countries!)
    But becauase we’re humans, there always comes that one day that the fire within grows so big you can’t contain it anymore. Then you snap! and may God bless whoever caused it!

  19. Sankara. You may have a point there.

    Unfortunately, no matter how explosive, unfair or what-have-you the situation is, one must keep his/her cool ALL the time. “Violence”, my friend has no place in modern society…

    May i say, this reactionary, i-will-whoop-your azz-when i don’t get my way mantra,is by extension what is ailing Africa as a whole today.(Somalia, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Liberia,et al)

    Oh, nice to meet you btw. 🙂

  20. Lol, you’re funny.
    I don’t that is what is ailing Africa though. We’re a peaceful people year round. Its just frustration that sets in whenever a person is pushed to the wall, that’s all.

  21. I agree with the others, I am a 100% Disabled Veteran from Michigan… Africian American women are always subject to harrassement and railroading tactics in the USAF. I was, thank God, I never let Anglos define me with their words. Jennifer, I know you graduated from the University of Minn a couple years back. Also, you are a tremendously, wonderful young lady… I believe this will be your ticket to a productive and successful career in news casting. You were an intern how could you be told you needed more experience… that is why you were there… to get expreience. What an insecure supervisor… she must have been envious of you, your looks and your abilities… I believe, I would have Kicked her A_s! God bless you and God bless America. I am praying for these tee partiers and the Sara Palins who makes up their scripts for their lives as they see it and they say dam everyone else. I know this made you stronger… by the way, you play the piano well and you speak French beautifully! God bless you sweetheart. I love your courage! (smile)

  22. Jennifer is young, she will be fine, when a person constanly brow beats you and uses you as a daily whipping post with negativiity and you try over and over again to appease a supervisor (trainer) with less education and a boss that has sexed her way to the top and is JEALOUS (threatened) of the new kid on the block… Of course, she/he will not train or share their experience with a young intern that is so good they could loose there job… Are you kiddling, Jennifer was probably and excellent trainee and her supervisor had to take whatever steps necessary to keep her job, by whatever means possible. I fail to understand that we are saying violence is not the way… Please, wars and makeshift wars of violence has change the ways of nations since the beginning of time. I love Jennifer’s spunk… it is so healthy to release stress and that crazy supervisor should be fired for pressing a young intern to this point… It is normal to blow a fuse when abuse is overwhelming. Love you Jennifer. I know Obama has blown a few fuses, his words kick a lot of ass daily…. I am sure he know how to put his foot in someones butt as well. All of you know, it just takes that one wrong thing to hear or for a person to suggest… What is she suggested everyday that Africans in American are useless, ignorant, stupid and just don’t have what it takes to do anything correctly… You are just not getting it, when you are doing exactly what you have been taught to do… You know, your are being taught the “I going to Set You Up” version. What a crock of crock… you know this is prejudice railroading our young Africans in America… I don’t like it, I did not fight for my country so that our young women would be subjected to racism and the type of ridiculousness.

  23. I have known her for very long time. She is a very nice person. I couldn’t believe this story. Something pushed her enough. That couldn’t be the whole story.

  24. So, if i am to understand this correctly, none of you know what happened but are automatically siding with her because she is african is that correct? and then, if i am to understand this, you spew crap about racism. this is hilarious. well, if you want to really see some glaring racism, i suggest you look in the mirror.
    it is amazing all the contradictory rhetoric that i am seeing here, like the clown who states africa is peaceful the year round. really? which africa are you talking about? and applauding this womans childish temper tantrum after being fired is sickening. do you all have the minds of children? grow up.
    guess what? in an industrialized country noone cares about your ego or personality. you know what they do care about? can you get the job done, and hopefully with as little bull sh.. as possible. here is another mind blower for you. everyone gets treated like crap at some time or another at work. thats life. part of becoming an adult is dealing with that because you know you have a family to support so you just ignore the petty crap and keep on going. i see the word racism being parroted a lot here, but that is fitting, because i see a lot of racists here too.

  25. An impressive share! I have just forwarded this onto a coworker who
    had been doing a little homework on this.

    And he in fact bought me dinner due to the fact that I found it for him.
    .. lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thanks for the meal!
    ! But yeah, thanks for spending time to discuss this topic here on your website.

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