Is Africa and Africans cursed? A response.

This is a response to Ibe’s “Is Africa and Africans cursed?” It was too long to be a comment, so I put it up as a post.

by Ntang Eland

  This hits home in many ways,,gloomy sometimes but truthful and real. I think Africa’s hope lies in the collective rethinking of its best and brightest. When those of us in diaspora start applying ourselves to making sure our homes are once again more as comfortable for us as our “guest homes”  then this hope will further brighten. I personally have been in the US a little over ten years and I am now working to make a transition to Africa as seamless as possible. I have to confess that its not purely for Africa’s sake that I’m doing this but also for my own,,but then again,,if one was to reflect further I think we would find that these two notions are almost interchangeable. Yes Africa has its issues but it is only when you sit on your couch at home and feel the discomfort of its sagging cushions that the urgency of buying a new one hits you. If Africans in diaspora acquire a transferable skill, and go back home at some point it serves two purposes. 
  First and foremost is that of personal fulfillment. The feeling that your efforts are contributing to a tangible result,, since the machinery is simple enough where you can see exactly where your efforts are headed.Secondly there is a feeling of recognition when you serve a clientele that knows you,,a few generations back( father ,grandfather etc) Also for me, I have for a while had that “fish out of water ” feeling. Although I have immersed myself in the culture of my current surroundings, as I mature in this land, I am ever more aware of the fact that a people are more likely to strive in their “natural habitat”. African-Americans after two centuries and change are still not fully adapted to this concrete jungle,,so the immigrant who has a love for his roots has an uphill task. Navigating the rules of the land and appreciating the rationale behind them is its own challenge. You ever tried to find a wireless connection on a laptop and see how many signals are “password protected”. I made a comment the other day that if one man had wifi in my neighborhood, in Cameroon, then the whole neighborhood is set. As a kid, when people first started getting ‘parabolic antennas’ I remember a man running a wire from his house to his friends’ house about half a mile away. To come from that and live a life where I don’t even know my neighbors is by any standards a misplacement. I am sticking deliberately to those aspects of  Africa’s plight that we can control from a choice angle, disease politics and some others need solutions too but I am not qualified to offer even suggestions in those areas. i just think that if we foster some ideas that make home ,,home we will now be able to approach our problems, not from a distance but as a thorn in our own butt. Now I am Cameroonian and I speak for my own circumstances, Cameroon has not been ravaged by war,,Thank God and although our problems are plenty,,one can envision relocating back home. If this idea of making Africa a home before retirement was more widespread, it might make a huge impact in rejuvenating life in the continent.
  To end on a positive note, I always hear people say God will help Africa and I hope he does cos we could use it but how will he do it? Could it be that in the search of say,,alternative fuels, a source will be found which will put Africa back on the economic map. If a botanical solution is found to replace crude oil, Africa’s huge forest and many virgin lands would undoubtedly be a lucrative arena synonymous to what oil fields are today. Hopefully African leaders, having seen more about how the world works,will be able to make better deals that will benefit the people they represent. Just a suggestion,,who knows,,we wait,,we hope and we pray


Focusing your life solely on making a buck shows a certain poverty of ambition,,it asks too little of yourself,,because it is only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you can reach your true potential,,,Barack Obama.


5 thoughts on “Is Africa and Africans cursed? A response.

  1. This’ a good note. Continuous awareness to Africans by Africans will instill some knowledge and sense of awakening. God will help Africa indeed if he truly exist else, Africa will emerge from its crises fulfilling its destiny.

  2. I really like the response I’m getting on this post. It is indeed what I was hoping for. Because I think the future of Africa is really in the hands of those of us in the Diaspora. From your responses, I have a feeling we are going to step to the plate. God knows, there is no place like home. And no matter how nice your single family home in Edina MN feels, it just can’t beat an extended family home in Banjul, Gambia. Let’s keep that in mind and spend all our waking days working to make home BE home.

  3. On a lighter note,,,,,,,,yessssssssss let’s dream for our continent so we can one day be in the land of “hakuna matata”

  4. is Afrika cursed?? Answer YES!!!
    WHY??? Because We Abandoned God….
    my friend and I was having a smoke cession and talking about this same topic, so she asked me a question that caught me off guard she asked if ” i was opposed to civil union/gay marriage”… so here’s my reply which also would juxatapose with your thread…

    Ngatho Jules i think u the one’s that krazy(roflmao), OK, so let me answer ya question Miss Moderator…. the reason I am opposed to civil unions, and gay marriage, is that it will weaken the strongest bond we have in family, which in itself is Family. By giving States or the Feds the mandate to legalize gay unions is basically saying you know what, I don’t care about family bonds, and since I have been enslaved by the Constitution, I will turn to the lawmakers to make the decision. NOOOOOO!!! This is wrong. Which brings me to the point, should we really have a separation of State and Church. Church will always be the WATCHTOWER of a community and society as a whole. You cannot let legislators mandate our morals and ethics, because it has already been framed by God from the Day of Creation.

    To illustrate my point, I will take u back to what God told the Israelites when they demanded for a King to rule them, God at first refused because He saw how Power could corrupt the TRIBE/FAMILIES of Israel. But the Israelites have always been a stubborn bunch, so God agreed to their demand, and they gat Saul as their first King, a wretched soul that birthed the fall of Israel. As a matter of fact after the reign of Solomon, the tribes were so wicked and perverted by foreign/atheist traditions, that they were eventually enslaved and oppressed just like God told them!!!! So what is the point of this story!!!
    Simple!! Man cannot dictate spiritual dogma and doctrines, that comes from God. There is a reason, to why Sodom and Gomorrah was smothered to ashes, as a testament of God’s wrath. But because we have isolated God, and instead worship an atheist constitution framed by slaveowners and Freemasons like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, we adopted the ideology of VOLTAIRE, a great French philosopher and Atheist, to separate Church from State, and that was an ingenious way to isolate God from Families. And as it trickles down over generations, we have come to believe that We are gods(small “g” intended), and that we are masters of our own destiny. And that is exactly what that fool Satan intended all along, to cut our spiritual food, which is the word of God.

    These civil unions will propagate more harm than good, because it will further encourage the demise of a stable family. Children need a Father figure and a Mother figure, just like plants need Oxygen and Light in their photosynthesis(yeah i know i am a chop..lol). You cannot cut off the sun’s natural light and and hold a candle to it and expect it to grow and yield good fruit and seed.(By the way that was a Parable)
    Can you imagine two gay males, adopting an innocent child and showing the kid thats it’s cool to put on make-up and be gay, by the time the child is grown he has lost the essence of what manhood means.
    So when Jesus, was preaching about the Anti-Christ, this is what He meant, not a political figure but a somatic-spiritual figure like the Constitution, which will reverse God’s laws. The reason why Black voters repelled Proposition 8 in California, is because we are the direct inhabitants of the great Hebrew nation that was dispersed after the Fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD. Now remember folks, that we had an informal system of education, which was carried from the old to the young by word of mouth, hence in our soul and spirit we know that gay unions are an abomonation to God because that is what Moses, the great lawgiver told us on Mount Sinai. And don’t even get me started on those fools in present day Israel that claim they are Jews, pure bolony!!!
    And redemption shall come from the tribe of JUDAH so Jah sey!!!

    In the book of Genesis ch 49
    verse 18-12, they read that God had promised the custodianship of His
    kingdom of the Tribe of Judah. Moreover, God had made an eternal promise to King David and King Solomon, that their throne and Dynasty would endure as long as the moon and the sun, and that David would never be short of a manchild to sit on his throne(see psalms 89). It must also be emphasized that the kings of this dynasty were not only the kings of Ethiopia, but the kings of the whole earth;representing the justice and judgement of God in human affairs(see psalms 72). When God’s people sinned He told them that He would punish them by famine, pestilence and the sword, and he would scatter them to the four corners of the earth. They would be ruled by a foreign power and be servants to other nations. But when they returned to God with all their hearts He would rise up one from the family of David and Solomon who would regather His people back into their own land,(see Ezekiel 37, Isaiah 43, Jerm. 23, and 33). Then God promised that by the seed of David, the Tribe of Judah, He would set up His promised Kingdom on earth, which would be a light to the world. His people would be returned to their land and no more would they suffer.

    quod erat demonstrandum (for those that dont know that means that which was to be proved,in Latin QED)
    peace, y’all Leonard….

    ..this message has been approved by the Mungiki 2012 Kenyan election campaign….lol OMG maybe i am crazy..hahahaha

  5. I will write a longer response later on Ibe’s African question.

    But, I have a question for you Leo–> do you remember when the Church justified slavery? You talk of the church being a “watchtower” ( I assume you mean gate keeper?) of the community, right? But the Church is made of people who’s interpretation of the Bible is not static. You must also remember that not everyone subscribes to Christianity, even Africans did not know of this Christian God until years later, so you cannot talk about their abandoning God as reason for “the curse” (well, Africans are not cursed)

    Also discussion on gays weakening the institute of marriage is just irrelevant. You don’t need the gay community to do that, straight people are doing it just fine.

    And what is this about being a man? Not wearing make-up and kissing a woman makes men?

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