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U of MN student falsely accuses Somalis of bomb plot in order to skip class

by Nelima

Police officers tape off building entrances on the University of Minnesota campus after a bomb threat on April 18, 2007. Courtesy of Fox 9 News.

Police officers tape off building entrances on the University of Minnesota campus after a bomb threat on April 18, 2007. Courtesy of Fox 9 News.

To say I was irritated by this incident is an understatement. At 7am on Tuesday a 19 year old white female U of MN student said she had overheard ‘3 Somalis discussing bombs’ prompting a lock down and evacuation of two buildings. After further investigation her story was found to be false. Her reason for calling in the bomb threat? She wanted to avoid two classes!!!! Am I the only one who’s going what the heck????? Why didn’t she just cut class instead of going through all the trouble. Great, another Ashley Todd. According to the story in the MN Daily, she ‘may’ be charged and ‘could’ face discipline from the U. In the same article U spokesman, Dan Wolter, calls her use of a racial description ‘unfortunate’.  I may be wrong, but while I was at the U I was under the impression that they had a zero tolerance policy towards such stupidity. Perhaps the US board of education should introduce a mandatory Stereotyping 101 class somewhere in the education curriculum to deal with this still prevalent problem of racial prejudice

Here are links to the story as reported in various news outlets;

MN Daily, Pioneer Press, Star Tribune, Fox 9 News.


4 thoughts on “U of MN student falsely accuses Somalis of bomb plot in order to skip class

  1. One would think the U is an unlikely place for this to happen but history has shown that many perpetrators of bigotry have come from academia including our beloved Charles Darwin. Bigotry is human nature and will never cease to exist. The best defense is to stay vigilant and to agitate for the rights of the oppressed. Kudos to the UMPD for not jumping into conclusions.

  2. Interestingly, it is not unusual for uni students to lie about bomb threats or set off the fire alarm. They do this to get out of going to class or doing an exam. If you have noticed many unis have cameras around the fire extinguishers.

    The difference with this claim is the racial angle.

  3. Thanks for this article Nelima.
    I would suggest some of you to interview some of the Somali students at the U and find out for yourselves how the administration treats them. I wanna bet you if it was one of them who had falsely accused an American on an issue as serious like this, he or she would already have been shot by now.
    Recently I discovered a very unsettling “policy change” surrounding the Carlson School of Management at the U! We all know that the U of M twin cities campus is in the heart of the Somali community in Minnesota. Every night, most of the Somali students use the facilities at the Carlson School of Management, for their school work. A student can stay in the Carlson building and study all night if he or she so desires. Many students, 95% Somali students, use the little meeting rooms available all over the Carlson building, for quiet study sessions, in little groups. I have been in there a couple times and have been more than impressed with the devotion and determination of these Somali students. Three weeks ago, however, I went into the building and met over 5o of them scattered all over the cafeteria area downstairs, reading at the dinning tables and scrambling for the very limited power sources available for their laptops and other electronic equipments. I asked one of them why they were not using the meeting rooms as usual and she said I should go to the door of the nearest meeting room and read the newly posted policy changes. I went over and read the sign and it said there had been new policy changes at the Carlson building. As of that day, only students enrolled in classes at Carlson School of Management will be able to access the meeting/study rooms. Does any of you wanna guess how many Somali students are enrolled in classes at Carlson? Save your energy! These policy makers actually went through the difficult task of creating a new database where students enrolled at Carlson could log in, access and then reserve these rooms for future use, and there are always security agents roaming around to enforce this new “policy”.
    So there it is, these hardworking, very determined Somali students have been relegated to the Cafeteria of Carlson, but if you think that will deter them from getting an education or from going to study at that same Carlson every night, then you have another “think” coming!

  4. What Cyril!?!? That’s crazy. I remember back in the day I studied in those Carlson meeting rooms. That is very unfair and should be looked into. When a student pays student service fees they should be guaranteed access to public rooms. I remember having weekly meetings in those rooms with my UN student group. So are student groups banned from using those rooms too? Argh! This is annoying. Thanks for the info, will definitely look into the matter. Sounds like something’s going on……

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