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Pictures of Minnesota’s ‘loudest’ Obama celebration.

by Nelima

Daniel Yohannes said Hey I did vote for your uncle this pic is my proof

My friend Daniel said "Hey I did vote for your 'uncle' this pic is my proof"

Last night I was exhausted, I had been running around polling locations observing the mood of voters. From St. Paul to the U of MN, to North Minneapolis, South Minneapolis, Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center, the mood was the same; enthusiasm, confidence (albeit sometimes cautious) and anticipation of the results. I think I was exhausted not because of the amount of walking and driving I had done, but mostly because of all the emotions I had absorbed from the voters. I got the sense that the great majority of the people I’d talked to were routing for Obama and I thought “What if he doesn’t win?”. To tired to think of an answer I left Brooklyn Park at 8pm and headed home for a quick eat before joining my brothers at Kilimanjaro Cafe to watch the results come in. I got to the entrance of the restaurant there was a loud yell “Oooooohhhhhh” and the smokers outside threw their cigarettes and rushed in.

This is what I saw on the T.V.

Obama Victory Annouced


After that chaos ensued ….. Abraham, the owner of the place bought a round for everyone, others danced on tables, Kenyans sang the Kenyan National Anthem, while others chanted U.S.A or Obama!


Obama celebrations



Obama celebrations



Obama celebrations


And the noise died down for a minute when a very grim-looking McCain conceded.

McCain concedes


Watching Obama concede



Soon after, the Kenyans took to the streets to join the Somalis and others in their celebrations. There were about 250 people out on the street.


Cedar celebrations


Cedar celebration

Upon hearing the commotion, the cops came and urged everyone to celebrate on the sidewalk as opposed to the street.


Cedar celebration



Inside Nomad’s Pub, people cheered as Obama gave his acceptance speech


Watching Obama's acceptance speech

After that it was back to the streets to celebrate!


Back at Cedar





4 thoughts on “Pictures of Minnesota’s ‘loudest’ Obama celebration.

  1. By the way, the guy with the ‘Teamsters for Obama’ sign didn’t know who the teamsters were. He just had the sign because it said Obama. I thought that was funny 🙂

  2. Dang Nelima, I did come to Killi after midnight and there was nobody there. Just police cars in front of Nomad’s pub. Was driving so couldn’t stop. Can’t believe this is what I missed!

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