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If Obama had ran against Kibaki for office in Kenya he would not have won.

by Nelima

My sister at home tells me that Kenyans at home are thouroughly celebrating Obama’s presidency. More than they have ever celebrated after a Kenyan election. For those of you who haven’t heard, Kenya’s president Mwai Kibaki declared November 6th to be a national holiday (Obama Day) in lieu of Obama’s victory. While I have been against this notion of claiming Obama as Kenyan, I do understand and sympathise with Kenyans who are so disillusioned with their own leaders and are thus hopeful in an Obama presidency.

Some food for thought though. Had Obama really been Kenyan and ran for presidency in Kenya during this past elections, I am pretty sure he too (with all his qualifications) would have been rigged out and Kibaki would still be our president today. So celebrate if you must, but I hope that come next elections we will be brave enough to overcome tribalism as the Americans have overcome racism and elect the better candidate.


3 thoughts on “If Obama had ran against Kibaki for office in Kenya he would not have won.

  1. very true Nelima thus Kenya, and Africa’s moral dilemma… while we celebrate that the US has voted in its first African American president, we surely must realize that there are so many ‘minorities” in Kenya who are discriminated against every day.

    I hope that the one day of celebrations will used as a moment of reflection by both politicians and citizens to see the historic relevance of this election, and what it should mean for us.

  2. True words Nelima but me thinks the Americans didn’t overcome racism by electing Obama! They had no choice!!

    Say, why exaclty are you against claiming Obama as Kenyan?

  3. Cyril I understand that the election of Obama did not overcome racism, but it is a very important step in the process of breaking it down. I should have perhaps said it that way. I disagree that they had no choice. Actually the could have voted in McCain and decided to say no to the idea of a black man for president. In this light I hope that Kenyans can look at someone’s credentials too instead of flat out saying no to them because of their tribe. In Kenya’s last election there were many people who just simply voted by tribal lines and then on top of that the elections were rigged.
    I am against the idea of claiming Obama as Kenyan, because this has caused many Kenyans to have great expectations of the man. There are very many people back home who are now thinking that he will develop Kenya and I have been hearing of Kenyans sending in resumes (so I have heard). Either way, to claim Obama now that he is successful and to expect favors is wrong don’t you think?

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