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The American Victory from a Renegade African Mind

by Ntang Eland

What happened last night was an event on the level of man reaching the moon,, or the construction of the pyramids and their architectural excellence.A black man was elected President of the US because he was better qualified than his opponent,,an older but typical red-blooded American war hero. This means that for the first time, a story with humble beginnings has had an impact at the highest quarters of world politics, a young African boy who dreamed of doing something that would cement his legacy,,actually did.

When Barack’s father sat somewhere in Kenya several decades ago,,probably in shorts and barefoot under a scorching sun in his village and said to himself,,I wish,,I wish with all my heart,,that one day i’ll do something that the world would respect me for,,God actually listened I’m sure everyone who shares my heritage can attest that we all have had a similar dream,,in our own way).

I know few are thinking of things from that perspective or realizing that the story begins with Barack’s father and his ambitions. Barack’s father,,though absent from the majority of his life shaped his life by his absence as well as his initial ambition to travel to the US to make an impact with his life.So a story that started in Kogelo, Kenya ended at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.We can go further to hail those who raised the African but that would take too long. That’s one reason why last night is so great.Now,, the first black man who landed on Us shores,,was pulled ashore in Chains and enslaved for his stamina and strength. No matter how long it took,,that black man now is commander-in-chief of the master’s land,,think about that for a second or two……..or three.Every drop of black blood that has ever been spilled in the search of freedom and equality,,from the slaves who were hung for trying to escape the plantations to the pioneers of the underground railroad( Sojourner Truth, ida B. Wells) who risked every moment of their lives to help that passage to not even freedom but fugitivity.From the founders of the civil right movement ( MLK, Malcolm X,Marcus Garvey)to every one who was assassinated to secure the black man’s place in a racist America, to everyone who ever said no to subjugation( Rosa Parks, the little rock 8,brown)

Today, America took the first of many steps that shows that this nation has more good people than bad people.that although not everyone is where they need to be,,enough are present to choose the better candidate regardless of the color of their skin.

Finally, a man who is gifted, open spirited and anointed is going to take the driver’s seat of American politics.A man who is likely to bring unique perspective to that office and a man who seems to genuinely care about making the world, a better world to live in. I’m sure a growing Barack asked himself many question that fueled his mind to start acquiring the empathy, curiosity and finesse that he so naturally carries around. Why am i scorned by some of my white relatives?,,why did my father leave? Can I be fully accepted by my black relatives?,,What is the big deal about this black and white thing anyway? Why did my father have to travel this far to secure a good education? There was a a time in American history that it was considered almost  scientific fact that there was an inferiority that was built into the motherboard of every black man, and Barack is a perfect ambassador for the black man to finally put that fallacy to rest.

My life is more qualitative for witnessing this event and i bask in the grandeur and glory that this moment so beautifully envelopes.that American bravery that made an engineer in the 20’s to even think of constructing a monstrosity like the George Washington bridge and the Golden Gate bridge, that same spirit that fueled the US to even think of leading the free world has prevailed. Long live America and its ability to evolve and increase itself to meet the questions and issues of the current time………………………….



3 thoughts on “The American Victory from a Renegade African Mind

  1. NTANG,
    This is not the first time the right minority candidate is commanding a majority.Jamaica which is 95% black elected a white prime minister in the person of Edward Seaga.Carlos Saul Menemi the son of a Syrian immigrant was elected twice in Argentinians who are overweeningly proud of their European origins. Alberto Fujimori who is an ethnic Japanese was also voted in in Peru. Jerry Rawlings the son of a Scootish man and a ” mutt” like Obama was President of Ghana. If the mood is right a man would be voted in depending on the content of his character. The American economy was broken and they imagined Obama could fix it . Period. This has evoked once again the Bafaw proverb that when the koki ( bean cake ) is sour that is when it is offered to the orphan child. Yes the American dream is in danger of becoming a nightmare so it can now be offered to the smart black kid to fix. Period.

  2. Ntang I love this piece, there are many Africans (and Americans) who never got a chance to really study the history of Africans in America and you have traced it from the origins to Obama . What a great chronicle. Thanks!

  3. They called him every name in history books (socialist, Nazis, terrorist, communist….) but they forgot we are in current times writing our own history; and by the crack of dawn they call him the 44th president of the United States Of America, Barack H. Obama. What a congenial way your article covers this journey that has lasted a thousand miles and a thousand more miles to go. The world needed someone to govern from the core and Obama stands in that axis with a glowing light so strong, no one can meet the expense of living in darkness…..

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