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Judgment Vote Upon America

By: Conscious Pen

On the onset of Election Day, in this cozy whether of Minnesota: home to the first Muslim elected congressman Keith Ellison. One can hardly but wonder about the possibility of electing the first person of color as the president of United States of America.  Whether you agree or disagree with Senator Barack Obama as a candidate. We need to look beyond dichotomy of politics as usual, and focus upon the societal changes happening across America (in this election cycle.)

It was not long time ago, when Americans elected John F Kennedy as the first president: who happened to profess his faith in Roman-Catholicism. One can hardly but not conclude—after studying American political history: through the lenses of religion—that this nation is fundamentally rooted in Protestantism. Hence electing JFK was a sign of a country moving ahead, in the paradigm of opening up its doors of opportunities and acceptance to other groups.

November 4, 2008, will embark the day, when citizens of America, through the power invested in them—ala voting—will have chance to elect the first person of color as their president. One can argue that Obama did not run as person of color, or for that matter as a black politician, in his race to becoming next occupant in White House. True, Obama ran through the only viable road available to him, which was on the issues. Nevertheless, Obama—whether unbeknownst to him—made American voters to cast judgment whether or not America is ready to elect first president who happens to be black.

November 5, 2008, is the day when America and for that matter the world, will see whether or not as nation we have expanded the paradigm of opportunities and acceptance?

One thing for sure, is that, this election has also shown us the deep embedded fears and xenophobia, which if McCain is elected, might have resonated with some of his voters.


One thought on “Judgment Vote Upon America

  1. You stated, “One can argue that Obama did not run as person of color, or for that matter as a black politician, in his race to becoming the next occupant in White House.”

    I suppose that “One” can argue about anything. The point, I think is that the time for arguing is past. The US and the world has/is moving into a new era for humanity regardless of the glorious victory of Obama. And/but his victory is an evidence/proof of human growth and a glimpse of the positive potential. His victory is everyone’s victory and the new era will be humanity’s era – God and humanity’s, all or ours. An
    era-putting the era of “power over” into the past and welcoming in the era of “power with”

    Humanity as a whole is coming of age and it will be grand.

    Most likely there will be some slippage, along the way, and/but we are on our way.

    From my point of view, the time for pointless arguments is a thing of the past and the era of creative, inclusive solutions is arriving/has arrived.

    Welcome to all of us,
    Bob Milner

    Thank you for all you wrote.

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