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Election Night Parties in MN

by Nelima

barack-obama-victory-party-copy1No matter how ‘non-political’ you may be, tonight you will be up until you are convinced that there is a decisive winner of this election. I’m thinking there’ll be record breaking TV viewership tonight. While some will prefer the confines of their homes to watch the grand finale of this campaign, others will venture out and celebrate their victories or count their losses among peers.  If you are still undecided or looking for an Election Party here’s a list that may help. (Sorry my list’s geared mostly towards Obama supporters, feel free to share if you have other sugestions.)


  1. Klub Afrika in Brooklyn Park will be having an Obama-Victory Night. Admission is free as is champagne. 
  2. Kilimanjaro Cafe in the Cedar Riverside area will also be having an election watch party. Admission is free too.
  3. Minnesota Independent, Drinking Liberally and Twin Cities Daily Planet are sponsoring a party at the 331 Club featuring drink specials, cheap tacos and free giveaways.
  4. MPR will be having a Policy & a Pint: Election Night Party from 6:30pm.
  5. Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery will take off 75cents a beer for anyone with an ‘I voted’ sticker.
  6. Bar Abilene will be serving red, white and blue jello shots among other drink specials until all the results are in. 

Know of anymore? Let us know…..


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