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Two Cents, Two Days to Go

by Susie

Two days to go. I can just imagine the furor that will be in the office come Tuesday/Wednesday. Who is to say how this race will pan out? I can only surmise.

As my fellow history buffs would agree, one would need to look at the chronicles of this country to understand what is taking place this day and age. To quote Shakespeare (and then Biden) “What’s past is prologue”. In other words, history is an eye into the future.

For eons, the Republican party has been known for its elitist structure. It is a fact that a proportion of voters will choose McCain simply because he represents what to them rightly belongs to the white man. Racism is still alive but progress has been made as well. Where Obama is today is a good example. During the Great Depression Roosevelt brought in economic reform to include minorities and this went a long way to ensure civil liberties for non-white races. Gone are the jim crow laws (You recall that the term ‘jim crow’ was used to refer to a black person and things related to being black such as attire, jobs etc). Not so fast! take a ride through some of the Southern states one day (eg Texas, Mississippi, South Carolina) and you will see dixie flags flying high. Just pray your car does not break down there. Many Americans still hold on to that separatist view and that deserves mention.

One thing I know for sure, conservative Christians will vote McCain, that’s a gimme. Two particular topics; the question of gay marriage, and abortion rights.

Let us be real for a moment. I don’t believe in gay marriage, but I cannot force that upon anyone. I know there are gay Christians out there but all I can say is that it is not for me to judge. I do not support abortion but I cannot impose my view on anyone. I believe that a girl who finds herself pregnant should see her pregnancy through, and that it is not the end of the world, but I attest that circumstances vary. Reversing Roe v Wade would open its own can of worms. Someone determined to have an abortion will do it regardless of the law. Democrats feel strongly about these issues as well. Controversial topics, to say the least.

At the end of the day, God gives mankind the freedom of choice. Through Job, “…choose this day whom you will serve.” And Job went on to say, “..as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” 

The world is really going through something. On a personal note, I always say that the day I stop learning is the day it all ends for me. I seek a word, seek knowledge, seek wisdom, like a hungry man seeking his next meal. We have to educate ourselves on issues concerning the economy (both Kenya and US), but, politics aside, on life matters; career, family, friends, relationships, you name it.

These are trying times my friends (no pun intended). However, fear not, worry not, be happy, take it easy.


One thought on “Two Cents, Two Days to Go

  1. Gr8 commentary!!!

    It is true that there are many Americans who only vote on social issues– this election has made many of them (now they call themselves Independents) reflect on their party of choice… after all, the economy is in shambles, and as polls have shown this has gained votes in Obama’s favor.

    About racism– Some of these racists are Democrats, and nothing will make them vote for Obama.. so they can stay home.

    The Republican Party (Abraham Lincoln) pushed for the Abolition.. so its not really about the party, but the people… I would argue that institutional racism and sexism in this country have little to do with political parties, but with all people in power and their structured realities.

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